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Hair Trends to Try in 2021

A new year means a new look, even in a pandemic. If you’re in need of a new hairstyle or haircut for 2021, we’ve got some inspiration for you. Whether you make a trip to the salon or have your friend, sister, brother, mom, or whoever else handle it for you, here are some hair trends to keep an eye on — and try out — this year. 

Shaggy Chic

Did someone say mullet?

After spending the last 20 years mocking everyone who had a mullet, we’re now ready to have one ourselves. Since Miley Cyrus brought the shaggy chic haircut back into fashion last year, celebs like Barbie Ferreira and influencers alike have been sporting the iconic mullet. 


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Curly Bangs

Think Dirty Dancing’s Baby

When it comes to curls this year, the bigger the better. Whether you’re blessed with a natural wave or poker straight in need of a perm, this look screams summer days in the sun.  

Peekaboo Highlights

Yes, we said peekaboo

Last year marked the comeback for bleached front bits. Very ’90s. But, if you’ve been on Pinterest at all recently, you’ll already be in the know about this fresh take on the much-loved trend. Keep it cool with an icy blonde stripe, or have a bit of fun with pastel tones and bold neons.

Colorful Roots

À la Billie Eilish

While most of us spend more money than we’d like to admit covering up our roots, Eilish’s neon green roots have left us questioning everything. We’re obsessed with this unique hair trend, which has proved popular with influencers, including the very edgy Mimi Almighty. 


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Grown-Out Fringe

Fringes fringes everywhere

If, in a moment of lockdown despair, you decided a DIY fringe would solve everything, you need not worry. This year is all about the grown-out fringe — the more your hair looks like a pair of curtains, the better TBH. 


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