Zayn — Vibez

Fans of Zayn are in for a treat because, in the space of just seven days, the talented R&B star is due to bring out a brand new single and his third solo studio album. Released on Jan. 8, “Vibez” is the second single from the upcoming record, which is ironically named Nobody Is Listening. The follow up to Zayn’s emotional and personal September single “Better,” “Vibez” is a steady and seductive track with a perfectly calming beat. 

Since leaving One Direction, Zayn has had an impressively successful career, including his No. 1 debut album, Mind of Mine, and three top 10 charting singles. Zayn admitted to The Fader in 2015 that his decision to leave One Direction was made based on his lack of musical input and dissatisfaction with the type of music the band was making. So, it’s a relief to hear that Zayn took complete creative control since then, including on Nobody Is Listening, and is unapologetically making the music he wants.

After posting a cryptic video to his Instagram on Jan. 7, “Vibez” dropped just a few hours later at midnight. The song’s smooth introduction features dreamy chimes and soothing synths, acting as the perfect prelude to the gentle and soulful vocals. As he sings, “Don’t keep me waiting, I’ve been waiting all night to get closer, and you already know I got it for ya. You know the vibes,” it becomes clear that Zayn’s “Vibez” is an alluring love letter to his longterm girlfriend, Gigi Hadid.

The track keeps the same steady beat throughout, but Zayn’s faultless flourishes of falsetto and vibrant synths keep the song bright. Despite his earlier teen-pop career, it’s obvious that Zayn is a natural R&B star with an aptitude for writing sexy, soothing music perfect for a candlelit dinner. The video itself is just as soothing, with Zayn strolling through a starry forest and cruising through a cartoon-like set in a car, giving us all the chill vibes.

With Nobody Is Listening dropping on Jan. 15, it’s a patient waiting game for Zayn fans. Although, after such high-quality initial singles, the wait is bound to be an exciting one.