Elle Winter
Photo: Gianni Taylor / Press

Elle Winter — Sad Girl Heaven

Elle Winter snapped, y’all. The talented singer/songwriter is absolutely storming in 2021 with her latest single, “Sad Girl Heaven.” While Winter has always shared her bold, fearless thoughts through song, “Sad Girl Heaven” shows an even bolder (yet fun!) catchy-as-hell take on the toxic relationships we’re all familiar with.

Of her newest track, Winter said in a press release, “From its dramatic production to its hyperbolic lyrics, ‘Sad Girl Heaven’ is a witty take on my tendency to pursue toxic relationships and people who are not good for me for the thrill of the experience, which inevitably leads to disappointment and self-inflicted heartbreak. Jungleboi really captured my vision for my next musical chapter and he brought that vision to life in ‘Sad Girl Heaven.’”

The song finds Winter singing about missing fuckboys before launching into an infectious chorus: “Take me to sad girl heaven / rest in peace say a prayer for me / In sad girl heaven / Right where I’m supposed to be / So kill me with those feelings / Boy I / wanna feel em / Love it when i hurt so good.”

We see you, girl! And the video amplifies the story to the next level. Directed by powerhouse Bobby Hanaford, the visual follows Winter as she picks through unworthy suitors, complete with sad, glittery tears coating her face.

We already loved Winter’s last project, her EP Yeah, No, with the lead single of the same name. “Sad Girl Heaven” is the preview for her next project, out later this year, so we can’t wait to see where she’ll go next. Because like I said, she SNAPPED on this one.