Cherry Bullet

Cherry Bullet — Love So Sweet

Cherry Bullet’s Haeyoon, Bora, Yuju, Jiwon, Remi, Chaerin, and May have already made quite a name for themselves in the pop world. Known for their diverse vocal line and hit singles (see their smash debut “Q&A” from 2019), it’s no wonder I’ve yet to hear a song of theirs that hasn’t been stuck in my head for days on end.

Returning with the release of their new single “Love So Sweet” off their first-ever mini album Cherry Rush, the girls have given us quite the treat. 

“Love So Sweet” does exactly that, as it showcases the charms of Cherry Bullet in a way we haven’t seen from them yet. It’s catchy — as always when it comes to CB — but simple and charming, as the girls sing about a love that makes them feel “sweeter than candy.” 

Yuju opens the song confidently asking: “손이 떨려 와 어지러운 것 같아 / 당이 필요해 사랑을 줄래?” which in English, means “My hands are shaking and I feel dizzy / I need something sweet, will you give me your love?” Already, listeners are able to see that the girls are certain about this special kind of love they’re singing about. Moments after, the song’s beat gains even more momentum as Bora and Remi lead in what I think are the single’s standout lines: “20, 20 decibel whisper into my ear / Like leaves swaying in the wind. / 20, 20 decibel keep this a secret between you and me.”

On the prechorus, Chaerin and May cooly showcase their vocals, and after a clever bass drop, leader Haeyoon and main rapper Jiwon lead the simple yet memorable chorus. Similar to a sugar rush, the chorus is sweet and addicting like candy, making you want to listen to it again and again. The whistling and bouncy beat add the perfect touch to this already perfect pop song.

In true Cherry Bullet fashion, the girls have delivered once again! Lullets (their fans) should be proud of this new era. I’m so happy Cherry Bullet are back and ready to take on 2021.