Jeremy Zucker and Chelsea Cutler
Photo: Stefan Kohli / Press

Chelsea Cutler and Jeremy Zucker — this is how you fall in love

Chelsea Cutler and Jeremy Zucker, music’s modernistic Romeo and Juliet, have made star-crossed history with yet another hypnotic duet, “this is how you fall in love.” The duo previously made their hearts our home with 2019’s brent EP, and we can happily confirm our extended stay. Its sequel, brent ii, is dropping Feb. 5 – just in time to perfectly curate your Valentine’s Day playlists for that special person.

“this is how you fall in love” brings the same sense of peace felt while laying with a lover under pillowy sheets in a king-sized bed. Lead by a lulling piano melody mimicking a lullaby, the track gradually grows as acoustic guitars complement the harmonies of Cutler and Zucker seamlessly. At its core, “this is how you fall in love” feels like the warm hug we’re all guilty of needing every now and then. With each artist taking their own verse, the pair creates a lyrical conversation straight out of a movie scene. Picture this: two destined lovers dip their toes into passion for the first time under a sky full of stars and a moon as bright as the future.

The pure chemistry of Cutler and Zucker is electric and magnetic – their musical magic being an irrefutable testament to their ability to take listeners into a new, lovestruck reality. In under three minutes, the duo provides earnest comfort and awe. Lyrically speaking, the song fills the void felt when you’ve just awoken from a nightmare and need a hand to hold. When you turn off your phone and face silence, “this is how you fall in love” delivers serenity and repose. In an era where being vulnerable is far too often kept within closed doors, the pair offer a noteworthy glimpse into behind the scenes moments when personal walls finally start to crumble.

Falling in love is a rare, individual experience full of diverse stories, people, and expectations; while no two narratives are alike, Cutler and Zucker manage to communicate the universal tenderness felt by being in the presence of your person flawlessly. If “this is how you fall in love” sets the tone for brent ii, we’re in for a ride of desire, intensity, and undeniable energy uniquely fashioned when Zucker and Cutler share the microphone.