Art D'Ecco
Photo: Mike Pepperdine / Press

Art d’Ecco — TV God

Androgynous neo-glam art-rocker Art d’Ecco first sprung onto the UK and US music scenes in 2018 with his debut album Trespasser. Three years on, and after touring with Temples, recording a live session with KEXP, and performing at over 75 clubs and festivals across North America, Art d’Ecco has just announced his sophomore album In Standard Definition, which is due out on April 23. “TV God” provides the first taster of what’s to come.

In Standard Definition is a concept album about entertainment and the way in which it affects our day-to-day lives, with each track providing an episodic look into this broad theme. Speaking of “TV God” in a press release, d’Ecco explains, “We tune in, we obsess. We feel close. Nothing can shake it. Every era, and every culture has their very own TV God. They come and go, and leave us reminiscing… it’s all very sad, and all too unavoidable in today’s day and age. I’m guilty of it, and so are you.”

With a vintage, ’70s-style recording aesthetic being crucial to the collection of material featured on d’Ecco’s upcoming album, “TV God” channels the glam rock production style that Tony Visconti heralded in the early ’70s, which brought to life the likes of David Bowie and T. Rex. From the offset, that distinctive, heavily compressed snare sound sets the glam tone, with catchy keyboard melodies and flowing bass lines providing accompaniment.

Art d’Ecco’s spoken-word-style vocal delivery tinges the track with a new-wave feel. It’s up front, direct, and inviting all at once while standing above the accompanying instrumentation perfectly. The choruses however, bring back that glam feel as d’Ecco steps aside to allow his backing singers to up the intensity with their endearingly effective oohs and ahhs.

To get the full glam experience from this track, you have to watch its accompanying video. Leather gloves and jackets, vintage ashtrays, and the star of the show, d’Ecco, with his bob, make-up and glitter jacket – it all works perfectly and really brings home the aesthetic the track leans towards.

Like Art d’Ecco himself, “TV God” is abundantly bold, glam-fueled, and strut-worthy, and provides a more than ample taster of what’s to come from his new topical album.