Harry Styles GucciFest

GucciFest Film Series Is a Dreamy Take on New-Age Fashion

In a world where COVID-19 is still a very real issue, many industries have had to consider what constitutes the new normal. In fashion, designers have had to decide what the modern fashion show will look like. How would the future of runway shows survive with the elimination of a normal audience?

Creative director for Gucci Alessandro Michelle, known for his expertise in reinvention, had a deck of cards already up his sleeve. After setting out to change how fashion, specifically shows, are mass-consumed, he came up with the perfect solution: blending his love of all things cinematic and the eccentricity of the fashion house. He decided to premiere the newest collection via film in November 2020.

The film series, which is billed as GucciFest and features a collection called Ouverture of Something That Never Ended, was shot in Rome over the summer and showcases the Pre-Fall/Fall collection, which will be available in stores in 2021. 

Set in a dreamy, stream-of-consciousness world, the film series follows artist Silvia Calderoni throughout her fictionalized daily routine. Each semblance of normalcy, such as going to the post office, is matched with an outlandish background, dialogue that seems written by the poets of old, and clothing that invokes a simultaneous sense of nostalgia and modernism: think of the old gems you would find in your mother’s closet, layered with antique family heirlooms from a dead relative, mixed with some fashions you found on the rack of your favorite department store.

And, of course, it wouldn’t be a Gucci presentation without the fashion house’s slew of celebrity muses. 

Harry Styles, a close friend of Michelle’s and Gucci darling, appears in Episode 3 of the series clad in a bright pink jersey. He is seen in the garden on a silver flip phone, speaking with one of the men, musing about creating art in a manner that takes risks. His logo pink shirt is paired with cut-off jean shorts. 

Florence Welch appears in Episode 6, serving all of the woodland fae, witchy vibes while prancing around the vintage shop. Her look finds her in a long flowing and ruffled golden dress with a matching hat, red Gucci bag, and white socks, complete with Gucci’s signature loafers.

Billie Eilish also joined the Gucci crowd, putting her own personal twist on the latest collection. She wears an oversize blue sweater with golden athletic-style lettering and details, red sweatpants, sneakers, and a Gucci logo-printed cap.

The film series also features singer Arlo Parks in Episode 2 and playwright Jeremy O. Harris in Episode 4. Watch the whole film series below!