Morphe Skincare
Photo: Courtesy of Morphe

Morphe Dives Into Skincare With Morphe 2 Skin

The fun, new line keeps prices under $25.

After collaborating with names like Maddie Ziegler and Madison Beer, it was clear Morphe was made for a hip, younger audience. But in July they made it official with the launch of Morphe 2, a Gen Z focused sub-brand. 

The new line, fronted by TikTok royalty Charli and Dixie D’Amelio, had makeup staples for the perfect lightweight and dewy look — exactly what the D’Amelio sisters are known for. Now, Morphe 2 is back and ready to kick off 2021 with a bang releasing Morphe 2 Skin. 

Morphe 2 Skin will be the company’s first venture into skincare. Like their cosmetic release, the line will cater to all skin types with a fun, youthful flair and an affordable price tag. The pastel-colored products are crafted with vegan and cruelty-free formulas, so your skin’s only getting the good stuff. 

Morphe 2 Skin will include the Bubbly Fresh Gel-to-Foam Cleanser ($16) to wash away dirt and makeup without leaving your skin dry. A Total Softie Gel Moisturizer ($16) is made with things like hyaluronic acid, cucumber water, and aloe vera to make your skin silky smooth.

There are also two masks: the Restart Detox Face Mask ($14) and a Lippie Lullaby Lip Mask ($9) for some extra pampering. Finally, the 3-in-1 Lil Pick Me Up Face Mist ($12) can be used to freshen, set, or tone your skin.  

The beauty of this new skincare line is that it’s simple yet effective, exactly what Morphe 2 is known for. It provides beauty-lovers on a budget with an easy skincare routine that will soothe, hydrate, and take care of skin, all for a reasonable price.

The line is available in Ulta stores and on, as well as select Morphe stores and on Even better: when you bundle your items on Morphe’s website, you can even get a better deal, which has officially made this one of our favorite skincare launches ever.