The band camino
Photo: Patrick Tracy / Press

Premiere: The Band CAMINO — Roses

It’s finally happening. The Band CAMINO is back in action, this time with their brand-new song “Roses,” accompanied by an incredibly fun video. The trio — made up of Jeffery Jordan, Spencer Stewart, and Garrison Burgess — planned “Roses” as a preview for what’s to come in their upcoming album, and we know for absolute sure, their fans are going to be very much on board.

On the heels of their last release, “Crying Over You,” a collab with Chelsea Cutler, “Roses” is an upbeat track that reminds you, quite literally, to stop and smell the roses. In a year where that’s been incredibly hard for some people, it’s a welcome message to take a step back and appreciate what’s around you.

Of the new song, the band told us exclusively, “Concept-wise, it felt different than anything else we’d written but sonically it still sounded like us in a familiar kind of way. As 2020 progressed it only became more evident that ‘Roses’ should be the first single considering what people have gone through this year and what the song represents. Recording it and working on it together the song really became more of a pep talk to ourselves amidst how tough this year had been and it felt timely to share it now at the end of 2020.”

The video has the same positive bend as the song and the aesthetics you’d expect from a song called “Roses,” but while it may take place in a flower shop, it’s not exactly what you might expect. The band — who are just trying really hard to sell some flowers — don their aprons for a day at work. It’s not all work, though. They still find time to jam and make rose angels on the floor, and if this isn’t a flower shop we all want to go to, then I’m not sure what would be.

“We made the decision to shoot a video not too long ago, so we didn’t exactly have a ton of time,” the band shared with us. “We got together around a picnic table one morning and threw out a bunch of ideas — some good, some not so good. We were referencing ’90s/early 2000s videos by bands like Blink 182 and Sum41 because they always looked like they were having so much fun in theirs. Someone had the idea of a flower shop, then dressing up and playing all the characters, and once we had the ball rolling, things came together pretty naturally. Our good friend Patrick Tracy directed and did an incredible job. We’ve worked with Pat so much now that he knows how to bring together our personalities and strengths and still make things feel like our band. We shot at this old flower shop in Clarksville, TN, which was aesthetically right on the nose for what we were going for. After a 4 a.m. wake up, multiple costume changes, and a whole day racing against the sunlight, we’re super proud of how it turned out!”

If you need a pick-me-up from the wild ride that 2020 has been, “Roses” is absolutely it. There’s not a chance in hell that this song and video won’t make you smile from beginning to end. It’s a song that will remind you to choose to see the bright side and enjoy the good things. “Roses” is also a preview for what’s to come from the band — a full-length album in 2021 that they say will have the same feel as this.

Spending much of 2020 working on that album, despite having songs ready to go beforehand, the band said the year had a definite effect on their creativity but they’re ready to put it out into the world. “Having most of the year or write and record and album let us to go to a place creatively we would’ve otherwise never been able to go and the record is really reflective of that,” they shared.

Watch our exclusive premiere of The Band CAMINO’s new video for “Roses” right here and keep scrolling to find out what each band member’s favorite flowers are — just in case you ever want to get them for them!

Because you all seemed so excited to work in a flower shop in the video, I can only assume you enjoy flowers. Do you have a favorite?

Spencer: My mom always had huge hydrangeas, they remind me of being a kid running around in the back yard being goofy and carefree.
Jeffery: When I was a kid I named my acoustic guitar “Daffodil,” so they’ve always kind of reminded me of when I first fell in love with playing and writing music.
Garrison: I’ve always liked violets. Can’t say I know a ton about them but they seem nice.