noah cyrus

Noah Cyrus — All Three

With Grammy nominee Noah Cyrus‘s newest single, “All Three,” the singer combines whispers of her country music background with her trademark heartbreaking lyrical poetry to bring us another one of her classic hits.

A simple acoustic guitar and chordless piano melody are the recipe for Cyrus’s track. Her vocals don’t fly effortlessly over the words but take the time and care to sink their teeth into each syllable, explaining with clarity the turbulence of a relationship that has been cursed from the start. In the chorus, Cyrus continues her raw monotone with the lyrics “But darling if I could / I would fall for someone good / Someone good for me / But we’re suckers for the thrill / Playing f***, marry, and kill / Honey, you’re all three.” 

The video for the track finds Cyrus alternating between a few different scenarios; one of her, alone in a bathtub, makeup running down her face like tears, and body covered in milky-white water, showing her singular voice. The second, she and her lover, limbs entwined with each other in the bathtub in such a manner that is almost dizzying to the eye; the audience can’t see where Cyrus stops and her lover begins.

The two are enveloped in fog — perhaps a clever directional device used to show a flashback, or perhaps a reference to the smoke-and-mirrors nature of their relationship, where even though Cyrus knows they are bad for her, she still treks on into the murky waters of an uncertain future together.

The last scene being Cyrus, beautiful in the overly bright spotlight, singing directly to the camera in her signature manner: triumphant in her failures, casual about her mistakes, all in order to create a persona that is fatally human. Watch Cyrus’s steamy and sensual new video for “All Three” below and stream the song now.