Black Eyed Peas — Girl Like Me (ft. Shakira)

Six months after the track was released, the Black Eyed Peas and Shakira have released the visual for their summer smash “Girl Like Me,” featuring some addictive dance moves that has potential to be a viral hit. Taken from Translation, the chart-topping album from the group, the track is ode to Latina women.

The track, which was released in June, opens with Shakira delivering the chorus with a playful tone before each of the Black Eyed Peas members takes turns rapping their verses with lots of Spanish thrown into it in honor of their Colombian guest. Exploring their own ideas of a dream girl – all of their versions of the perfect girl looking like Shakira.

Matching the fun, light-hearted vibe of the track, the music video is energetic and sees Shakira flex her athletic side. The music video sees the Peas performing in front of various futuristic set pieces, as the Colombian songstress delivers some serious moves in an ’80s-inspired outfit. She and two backup dancers wear retro workout gear and give a choreographed dance that with focus on impressive, quick footwork. Shakira also reiterates the sporty, active persona the BEP project into their dream girl by showing off her skateboarding skills set in a CGI world.

Produced by, with Shakira and Johnny Goldstein as co-producers, the track has been in development for over a decade, with several versions littered along the journey toward the final product that begs for more than a few listens with its earworm melody. The rap verses open with “La-La-Latinas / I want a girl like Shakira / Esa latina está rica / I want a familia chica que sepa vivir y que viva la vida / I need a bien bonita / Elegante señorita / Girl, I want you and I need ya.”

The lyrics also highlight Shakira’s career, with Taboo shouting out “Your hips don’t lie, they rock me.” The vibrant offering also references both Tejano icon Selena and Brazilian pop star Anitta.

With plenty of tributes paid, “Girl Like Me,” is a catchy track that’s not all that deep where the message is concerned, but still an offering that gets better with every listen.