ben chandler
Photo: Carlos Moreno / Press

Ben Chandler — Addicted 2 U

There’s something so special about infatuation that simply consumes you. Florida-based singer, songwriter, and producer Ben Chandler knows the feeling all too well, and it’s the center of his new single “Addicted 2 U.” In the video, out today, Chandler dreamily goes through what is quite possibly the best night of his life — which is all based on a true story.

“’Addicted 2 U’ is about a night out with the most beautiful and intelligent girl in the world (who is now my girlfriend!),” he shared. “I didn’t mean for us to get as drunk as we did, but I’m glad it happened. It made for a memorable night as well as a really fun song.”

Chandler has been consistently building his discography with authentic takes on the world around him. With his smooth vocals and talent with sound, each track he releases settles into your soul as one to remember. “Addicted 2 U” falls right in line with Chandler’s vibey repertoire and will put a smile on your face, no matter what. It’s a song about happiness, about love, about finding your person that you can’t help but swoon over.

The alt-pop sound Chandler has become known for was honed over years in Florida, where he relocated as a teenager from chilly Pennsylvania. The DIY musician teamed up with Dominic Fike for “This Thing Called Love” in 2016, which started it all. His Ben Chandler EP and Sweet Dreams, Sweet Heart EP followed, and his third EP, Transitions, is coming in early 2021.

In a time when there’s so much darkness, Chandler’s bright, breezy music is a welcome change. It’s chill without being a downer and poppy without being too in your face. “Addicted 2 U” is the perfect everyday song that you can literally listen to no matter where you are or what you’re doing and it’ll make you stop and hum along. With a smile, of course. And the nostalgic-feeling video is much the same.