young thug and gunn

Young Thug & Gunna — Take It to Trial (ft. Yak Gotti)

The chemistry of Young Thug, Gunna, and Wheezy is truly unmatched. While one of the most successful iterations of the trio is “3 Headed Snake,” “Take It to Trial” is the second installment of a pattern of triumphant sounding anthems started by “Hot” from Thug’s So Much Fun album. Gunna had another song like this on his 2020 album WUNNA, “Top Floor” feat. Travis Scott, which was also produced by Wheezy. However, this new single proves that this sound is at its best with Thug and Gunna going tag team even if they bring an extra friend along.

Will Wheezy ever stop taking an auditory victory lap? Why should he? He’s one of the most sought-after producers in his lane for a good reason. No one else creates instant celebratory hard-hitting soundscapes like he can. Luckily, he kept this particular beat in the family. 

As Thug enters first, starting with a laid-back flow leaning into the pocket like a fiend with a hand in their jeans, you know it’s up. Then he effortlessly rises into that signature ringing higher-pitched delivery and claims his dominance over the sonic aesthetic that he helped craft. With bars like, “Slime-green AP look likе herpes on my wrist / uh hold on, cook, woo, I’m so Chef Boyardee with the dish,” the YSL general puts the cherry on top of his presence and sets up greatness from his protégés.

YSL newcomer Yak Gotti takes advantage of his moment on this track. He flexes maybe the most hard-hitting lines of the song with, “I was on Bleveland, stuck like a magnet / Bitch-ass n***a , I shoot at your mammy / Need to sit down if you can’t stand me / I don’t turn down, I up my stamina.” The guttural raw element is a welcome addition to the wavy stage Wheezy and Thug set and is the perfect link between the leader and the chosen one.

Gunna slyly glides onto the canvas with only the highest quality of paint. He sounds like he has nothing to prove, which he doesn’t. Something that Gunna has understood from the beginning is that nothing he does should ever feel forced. When he comes across as the most effortless is when he shines through the most. Gunna knows he’s cemented himself as the prince of the slimes and keenly delivers lines like, “YSL slimy and shady, they ain’t wavy like my clique / High-end alterations, did that European stitch.” As the listener we have no choice but to basque in his elegance.

This single is really hard not to replay over and over because it just feels good. The YSL crew are all masters at making music crave-able. This single seems like a setup for the sequel to the first Slime Language album, and if it is, it’s a great start.