nodisco. — Permanent Residence

nodisco. is back with his sixth single, “Permanent Residence,” and with this latest release, he is sure to make his mark and be a permanent resident in the music world — a classic dad joke to start us off! 

nodisco. (whose real name is Chris Toufexis) is no stranger to experimenting with his sound and taking creative risks to fully express himself. Primarily honing in on a refreshing take on bedroom-pop production, nodisco. doesn’t skimp on the conversational and smart lyrics — so it should come as no surprise to hear phrases like “…hesitant benevolence” in the bridges of his songs, as he does in this newest release. nodisco. wants us to know we are listening to his music simply by the lyrics. 

“Permanent Residence” is an introspective, conversational song discussing the dreaded thoughts of being unreliable and unmemorable in a new relationship. These self-critical thoughts going through nodisco.’s head are finally taking over him. You can almost picture him passionately screaming from the rooftops that he needs to be in this person’s life. He wants to be memorable — he will be a permanent residence in her mind.

nodisco. has already perfected the art of taking a simple pop song but making it polished and structured. In this song, we start with acoustic guitar and are smoothly led to a glittery, beat-heavy tune. Rest assured, if nodisco. is experimenting with melodies and sound, it will somehow always work. As fans of his music, we’ve learned this over time. 

“Permanent Residence” and his other songs, notably “Moonlight in My Bedroom” and “Thoughts From Your Car,” are all part of a narrative of his upcoming album, Who Knew I’d Write Songs About You. We can expect to see that release in 2021 and it will surely be a cinematic experience. Until then, let’s all keep replaying his music for the millionth time.