maggie lindemann

Maggie Lindemann – Loner

Through honesty and an authentic cry at the deep and dark, Maggie Lindemann isn’t afraid to address the toxic stigma society views around being alone. Calling her latest single an “anti-holiday” track, “Loner” isn’t about snowflakes or Christmas, but instead the power of taking back moments for yourself in private. Through electric guitars and emotional rhythm, Lindemann proves there’s nothing wrong with wanting to be by yourself, especially if it’s what feels comfortable and familiar.

Emerging onto the music scene as one of gritty pop’s most unfiltered, unfazed, and unafraid voices, Lindemann doesn’t hold back with this track. “Loner” is a song that shows the world how Lindemann has never been afraid to remind her listeners that it’s not a sin to be human.

“’Loner’ is about feeling alone even when there are people around,” the artist explained in a press release. “It’s about coming to terms with it and being comfortable in your alone-ness and giving yourself permission to feel sad if that is how you feel. Everyone has those moments, especially this year and especially around holidays. It’s OK. You’re not alone.”

In the song, Lindemann sparks a conversation around the never-ending pressure to always feel happy. “I don’t need permission to feel sad,” she echoes throughout the song, acknowledging the weight of combatting feelings that are anything but contentment. “Loner” is a song that lets people know that it’s OK to feel moments of unhappiness and be alone with yourself to heal. Taking a step back from a party, from socializing, or from a relationship often gives you the space you need to pick up the pieces, and that’s what Lindemann explores on her latest single. She reminds us, as many of her songs do, that we’re all just incredibly human.

“Loner” follows the release of the artist’s previous 2020 singles, including “Scissorhands,” which are all soon to be featured on Lindemann’s upcoming EP, Paranoia, set for Jan. 22, 2021.