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Bailey Bryan – Fresh Start

Millennial pink, sensitive bad bitch vibes, and utterly unapologetic lyrics are Bailey Bryan’s new calling card. Bryan, a Nashville transplant from Washington state, is best known for her previous endeavors within country music. The 22-year-old powerhouse has made a name for herself in opening for artists like Kane Brown, Dan + Shay, and Kelsea Ballerini (on the Unapologetically tour back during the spring of 2018).

Granted, some years have passed since then and 2020 has revealed a hidden side of Bryan; one that is fiercely independent, confident, and eager to take the world by storm. In that respect, Bryan has already started to make a name for herself. As countless outlets like Rolling Stone, Billboard, and Entertainment Weekly have celebrated Bryan’s stellar songwriting and seductive vocal performances. One can see how this is the case with just one listen to Bryan’s latest single “Fresh Start.”

“Fresh Start” is a powerful track that showcases Bryan’s versatile vocals alongside insightful lyricism, all to the tune of an infectious dance beat.

When asked about the symbolism and narrative behind “Fresh Start,” Bryan recounted in a press release how the surface-level story in “Fresh Start” is relationship-centric; but the ultimate heart of the song is about rebuilding and finding oneself.

“We are all just one big work in progress until we die,” she said. Symbolically, “Fresh Start” is “about starting the rebuild, and finding that it [the rebuild] never really ends. And while [‘Fresh Start’] is certainly relationship-centric, this project is not about getting over anyone. It’s about getting a hold of myself.”

Arguably “Fresh Start” is the perfect example of someone who has found themselves and gotten a hold of who they are as both an artist and an individual. “Fresh Start” is one of Bryan’s strongest singles to date; in the running with other quintessential hits like “Roster” (a Tik Tok phenomenon with over 1.1 million streams) and “Steal Your Girl,” Bryan described as being the song that undeniably served to be the launching pad for her pop career. “Steal Your Girl” acted as a catalyst in helping her realize the “sensitive bad bitch music [she] would make in the year following. This sassy, over the top story/song helped me learn how to come out of my shell, even just for 3 minutes at a time,” she said in a press release.

Now that Bryan has come out of her shell and become the de-facto “Queen SBB-in-Charge,” this rising artist is taking names and creating singles chock-full of empowerment and confidence. As we all move into 2021, we should take a page from Bryan’s playbook; by being utterly confident in who we are and unafraid to show our colors to the world. Therefore, if you’re looking for your new power anthem for 2021, Bryan’s “Fresh Start” should be at the top of your list! She is not only “coming from the most confident place, I’ve ever made music from…but she has “a clear vision of who I am and what I’m worth more than ever before,” she shared in the press release.

Don those millennial pink jumpers you have hanging in your closet; make some avocado toast; and throw on some Bailey Bryan – who is set to launch a new project in the coming year – because 2021 is going to be a year of unapologetic confidence.

After all, 2021 is going to be a “Fresh Start” for all of us.