Spencer Sutherland
Photo: Caden Huston / Press

Spencer Sutherland — Indigo

The dreamy, alt-pop, singer-songwriter Spencer Sutherland has just released his latest EP Indigo and it is everything we need to get us through the end of the year. His folk-inspired voice paired with modern beats and synthy production come together to get us up and dancing. Sutherland’s EP is one to be listened to on loop until you find yourself screaming along and jumping around or crying/driving down PCH. He is a master of melodically and instrumentally having us bopping our head, but lyrically serving us deep feelings.

Indigo consists of six songs, one for every feeling. From trying to get the girl in “Too Many Friends” to trying to get over her in “Wonder,” Sutherland has it all covered. The whole project is heavily influenced by sincerity. And it raises the questions: Are we being sincere to ourselves? Are we asking for help when we need it? Are we letting go of the things that are bad for us? Are we taking our feelings seriously? This collection of songs is like a collection of letters he is sending out. “I sincerely mean how I am telling you how I feel about you,” Sutherland tells us in a press release. This EP is a peek inside the musician’s heart.

Hailing from Ohio and now, rightfully so, in The City of Angels, Sutherland has found his place in the music world — and even the movie biz. The musician has snagged himself a starring roll in the upcoming Netflix movie Afterlife of the Party with Victoria Justice and Midori Francis. Not only will get to see the dreamboat himself acting, but he will be writing original music for it. An all-in-one experience.

Sutherland is bringing the sincerity back into pop. He is one to watch. We got to talk to the multitalented artist about getting into acting, what he’s been listening to, and writing Indigo. Check out our interview below and make sure to watch his brand-new video for the title track, “Indigo,” co-written by Olivia Holt.

How are you Spencer? What are you up to today? What does a typical day look like for you?

Hi! I’m very good, thanks for having me. Today I am releasing my EP so lots of social media and promo. 🙂 Typical days are anything from studio writing, to photo and video shoots or podcasting! Anything in entertainment!

So you are from Ohio — how has the transition been to LA? How are you liking it?

I love the energy and grind of all the artists in LA! The transition was really positive because the weather is just so good; a sad day can only be so sad sometimes when you’re here. I’m forced to only focus on work and good vibes in LA.

How long did it take you to finish this EP, Indigo? What was the process like?

The EP took about 15 months from start to finish, I would say! It went through many many different versions, but that’s all part of the process. Lots of time and patience of sitting with songs is a crucial part of a project.

What is it about Indigo that inspired you to name it after the EP?

Indigo means “deep sincerity,” and that’s really what I tried to portray with my message. Rawness, anxiety, carefree fun, and wondering are the sincere emotions in this project.

Congrats on the Netflix movie! What came first, acting or music? What got you into acting?

Music! Actually music got me into acting as well. It’s a cool edge to have in the acting community. Acting is also a form of performing, just like music, so that’s probably why it came natural.

What albums or songs have been getting you through the year?

Folklore by Taylor Swift, Plastic Hearts by Miley Cyrus, just to name a couple. ALSO I love going back to the oldies!

Learn anything new about yourself during quarantine?

That I constantly need to be distracted or entertained! Sometimes it’s valuable and healthy to just sit still for 5 minutes. I learned I haven’t done that in a long time.

What are you thinking about right now?

I’m thinking about how people are going to react to my new EP 🙂 I hope they will love it as much as I do!!!