dempsey hope
Photo: Jason Lester / Press

Dempsey Hope

Singer/songwriter Dempsey Hope seeks to inspire others with his music. Following the viral fame of his song “Time Flies,” Hope — who is inspired by the likes of Frank Ocean, Rex Orange County, and The Beatles — dropped the dempsey hope project, which draws inspiration from the various types of music that have influenced him and pays homage to the legends in music who shaped him.

Showcasing a songwriting style that looks deep within himself while still finding a space for the world around him, the Seattle-native’s music reminds you to be confident and accepting of yourself. With an aspiration to travel the world in search of more inspiration, Hope who recently signed with RCA Records, has gone from strength to strength armed with a genuine love for making music. In an exclusive conversation, Hope talks about his creative motivation, who inspires him, how his sound has evolved, the most memorable of his career, and his ultimate dream as an artist.

What is the inspiration behind the dempsey hope project? What was the recording process behind it?

The dempsey hope project was inspired by all different types of music that have shaped me as an artist today. I spent many hours locked away with my producer and good friend Jake Crocker working on this project.

How has your sound evolved with each release you’ve had? How do you envision it evolving in the future?

My sound is always evolving. With every day comes new inspiration.

Who inspires you professionally and personally?

Personally my girlfriend and puppy inspire me every day. But professionally I’ve been inspired my whole life by artists such as Frank Ocean, Rex Orange County, The Beatles, and many more.

In terms of lyricism, are you more introspective or do you draw from the world around you?

Definitely both. I like to look deeper into myself and who I am, but I also enjoy writing about any experience or thought that I feel like writing about.

What’s been the most memorable moment of your career so far? What’s on your bucket list?

“Time flies” blowing up and signing a record deal with RCA Records have got to be the most memorable moments so far. I aspire to continue to make music and travel the world seeking inspiration.

If listeners could take away one message from your music, what would you want that to be?

Be you, and be OK with that.

What’s your creative motivation? What keeps you going where your music making process is concerned?

It is what I genuinely love to do. Making music is what makes me happy.

Finally in three words, what is your ultimate goal or dream as an artist?

To inspire others.