orville peck x wrangler

Wrangler Taps Orville Peck For Icons Fall Winter Collection

What better way to show off an iconic denim brand than with one of the most iconic cowboys of today? Wrangler did just that when they teamed up with country singer Orville Peck for the Icons Fall Winter collection. The new collection, which dropped Nov. 4, features a slick blend of classic Wrangler fits and styles married with the feel of the cool cowboys of today — much like Peck himself.

“The Wrangler Icons Collection offers re-issued and re-styled denim inspired by Wrangler’s 70-year history of dressing ranch hands and rodeo riders, rebels and rockstars,” said Holly Wheeler, vice president, global brand marketing at Wrangler, in a press release. “For years, we’ve been dressing cowboys as they break down boundaries and Orville Peck in no exception. Peck has been shaking up the country music scene with a fresh new take on the cowboy spirit, and we’re thrilled to have him as our latest icon – an embodiment of Western heritage’s significance in today’s global landscape.”

In the collection, you’ll find many pieces that harken back to a completely different time — which is so often what happens with fashion. Trends and styles always cycle back around and few things ever go away forever. With Wrangler, the brand already features so many classic pieces that even bringing back styles from years gone by feels like still celebrating solid, reliable clothing.

Wrangler kicked off the partnership with Peck with the fun commercial above that features the singer, as well as a group of models, showing off their best assets in all their Wrangler garb. Peck in particular rocks his Wranglers with his signature cowboy hat and face-covering fringe, keeping the mystery alive as always.

You can shop the Wrangler Icons Collection now and pick up these staple pieces to add to your own wardrobe. You’ll find classic denim, as well as corduroy and even sherpa jackets. Everything you need to saddle up — except your cowboy hat. You’ll have to rock your own one of those.