dua lipa and angele
Photo: Joel Smedley/Press

Dua Lipa — Fever (ft. Angèle)

With her sophomore album, Future Nostalgia, Dua Lipa blended her modern tone with the glorious memories of ’80s synth-pop. The British pop star joined forces with Belgian artist Angèle to craft a smoky, melodic, low-key symphony of intoxicating lust in “Fever.” 

It’s is a true collaboration of two artists, blending Lipa’s new wave of nostalgia pop with the sophistication, flirtiness, and je ne sais quoi of Angèle’s voice. The chorus pleads “I’ve got a fever / Can you check? / Hand on my forehead / Kiss my neck.”

On this track especially, the thickness of Lipa’s vocals glides and cracks in a fit of passion. Angèle, a superstar in her own right, does not fall short, but inevitably seems to steal the show: as soon as her chorus is introduced, the rhythm picks up pace, the words spilling over in foreign iambic pentameter. Her alternate chorus, sung in her calming French lilt, translated, says Because in my eyes it shows / Fever in my eyes, yes it shows / My heart sinks, I have fire in my voice / Most often is when I think of you.”

Together, both create the perfect gem to be featured on the deluxe version of Future Nostalgia.

The accompanying music video, which premiered Nov. 6 and is directed by artistic collective We Are From LA, is shot in a grainy style, resembling film. The result is a supercut of two girls’ night on the town. The backgrounds are urban and gray, sprinkled with street art at times, giving way for the two stars of the show to glitter in their colorful outfits, as bystanders stare in wonder, awe, and, sometimes, mild annoyance. Through getting lost in the moment and sometimes each other’s eyes, Angèle and Lipa have encapsulated the haziness of the track, giving us all an immortalized fun escape from being so diligently stuck inside.