meduza paradise

MEDUZA – Paradise (ft. Dermot Kennedy)

Italian production trio MEDUZA have tapped Dermot Kennedy for their ethereal single “Paradise.” Eagle eyed fans may remember that they remixed his monstrous hit “Power Over Me” earlier this year.

If you are an avid listener of the Irish Singer/songwriter then you may not have envisaged hearing him on the dance track, but this is right up there in terms of musical collaborations.

The booming production is complemented perfectly by the performer’s heavenly vocals. There’s no doubt that this is a certified hit, and it’s only a matter of time before you hear it being played everywhere.

The anthemic sound of “Paradise” makes it one of 2020s most exciting releases and the poignant lyrics are ones that we can relate to.

The song opens with the lines: “In the fading light, hearts collide / Shadows dance in the distance / Something just ain’t right, I’m cold inside / Help me find what I’m missing.” The explosive chorus which we all be singing to in a matter of times goes “Oh my, my, my/ There’s a thousand miles between you and I / Oh, my, my, my/Just a thousand miles between me and paradise.

The accompanying visuals were shot in a stunning Southern Italy location, and the storyline is one to keep the viewers guessing. Prior to the release, both artists were interviewed by DJ Danny Howard on the collaboration and how it came about.

MEDUZA revealed that they had written “Paradise” in lockdown and had approached Dermot after listening to Without Fear on rotation since their initial remix.

The singer expressed the difference in their genres but said that he was focused more on content than style. “It feels like so much of what I do with my own music is try and make people feel good, try and make myself a bit better about the world and their life and this is exactly what this song is to me.”he said.