mae muller ep review
photo: Buzz White / press

Mae Muller – No One Else, Not Even You

Shepherding in all things quirky and bubbly like a modern-day Lily Allen is North Londoner Mae Muller, a spunky 23-year-old with the remarkable capability to make you fall in love and break your heart just as easily. Her newly released EP no one else, not even you is music’s latest breath of fresh air; the eight-track collective is spewing with airy vocals and upbeat instrumentals so catchy it’s nearly impossible to not dance to (even when Muller sings out her heartbreaks).

EP standout “dependent” introduces listeners to Muller’s lovestruck struggles with utter eccentricity and brightness. Its tentative lyrics contrast a cheery backtrack to cultivate the most perfect musical juxtaposition in pop music. The song is cautious, hopeful, and playful–just like the love Muller sings about. “I wrote this song at the start of a relationship when I could feel myself falling in love and got really scared,” says the singer. “That’s what always happens when I start to fall for someone: instead of going with the flow and just enjoying myself, I start to panic a bit because of the power you have to give up.”

Even so, Muller’s power is unquestionable when taking a listen to the seven other tracks comprising no one else, not even. She dominates every song lyrically and vocally with femininity and prowess. The EP certainly holds an overall delicate, feathery sound, but is undeniably a strong, intoxicating, and well-built body of work. The project also features Muller’s previously released singles “HFBD” and “so annoying,” both of which continue her journey into self-exploration while simultaneously enduring love’s treacherous course.

To date, the starlet managed to amass over 100 million streams worldwide, an impressive feat for a young singer to achieve so early in their career. Her accomplishments thus far merely solidify her already commanding persona as a pop-princess-to-be. Lucky for Muller, she not only holds the skills necessary to make the world’s catchiest tune, but she also understands how to remain authentic and honest at her core. “I know what I want to say, and I know what the message is that I want to get across,” Muller offers when describing her mission as an artist. “I want women and young girls going through hard sh*t to put on my songs and feel better. We’re going through this together.”

Mae, don’t fret! We’re dancing with you.