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Meghan Trainor

Meghan Trainor is all about Christmas. Not only is she just a huge fan of the winter holiday, but she released her very first Christmas album this year — A Very Trainor Christmas. Trainor is even delivering more joy this holiday season in her partnership with Safeguard to help out some teachers and promote proper hand-washing. Trainor knows as well as anyone that this year has been tough and so many have had to change their plans. One of the simplest ways we can all help each other amid the COVID-19 pandemic is to simply wash our hands. It’s truly that simple.

In addition to spreading the word about washing those hands, Trainor also helped Safeguard connect with teachers and provide hand-washing resources. “Right now it’s an awesome giving-back moment and reminding people to keep everyone safe still,” she shared. I caught up with Trainor to hear more about the teachers she spoke with, her Christmas album, and what she has planned for the holidays this year.

Tell me more about the teachers you spoke with and working on this partnership.

I interviewed them and was like, “What’s it been like? What’s it truly been like during this pandemic?” They’re just heartbroken, and mostly because they can’t look at their kids anymore and give them a big smile. They can’t see their faces, and they can’t give them a big high five or a hug of like, “You figured out the problem! You did it!” Teachers are emotionally and physically struggling right now, and what Safeguard is doing is so important. I’m just so honored to be a part of it and spread the good word of stay safe and clean.

Obviously this year has been weird, but you’ve had some huge bright spots. What’s kept you going this year?

My pregnancy, really, and my album. Working so hard with my family and being distracted by these amazing things is really nice to have too. I’m learning about our country, and I’m learning about all the crazy stuff happening right now and trying to keep up with the pandemic every day. It was really nice to escape sometimes to be like, “Hey, let’s write a happy, fun Christmas album and try to give people joy in these dark times.”

Also, I knew I wouldn’t be traveling so I was like, “Let’s make my dream baby right now!” It has been funky being pregnant in this time, but also I think it’s kept our family even more safe since they’re all trying to keep me safe. I think it just helped us really stay focused.

Speaking of your album, I love that you included your family in that. What was it like with your family?

I feel like with my last album, Treat Myself, my family was very much a part of that, and it’s like I’ve been training them all these years before we get into wanting to be in the studio with me and wanting to sing backgrounds, so by this album they were so fully prepared.

I was so excited, so it was really fun for us. I’m just so lucky that they’re my best friends and I can live with them and not want to kill them. While we were writing this album people were like, “How did you do that? How did you not fight?” We never fought. It was just fun and we knew what to do to get the job done, and at the same time we were laughing. These songs are hilarious and so fun.

As a Christmas baby, I feel like Christmas is probably your favorite time of year.


Did it ever feel hard to have your birthday so close to Christmas?

No, I never felt that way. I loved it. I waited a whole year for my special days, so that made everything just extra exciting. I even planned my future like that. I planned my wedding to be on my birthday so that the anniversary was in my favorite time of year and had a Christmas wedding. I guess I was super fortunate too, my parents extra loved me and always made me feel like this was my special day. The 22nd was my special day, so I never had a problem with that, I think because I was spoiled and loved.

A Very Trainor Christmas by Meghan Trainor

Do you have any favorite holiday traditions?

We have a lot of family members born in December. It’s crazy. My mom’s Dec. 3, my brother’s Dec. 17, so by the time Thanksgiving is over we just get into party mode. We’re like, “Okay, who’s birthday are we going to do first? Who wants to combine a birthday?” It’s pretty much just family get-togethers where we eat way too much food and dance. This year it’s going to be so exciting because I can play our album, and we’ll be like, “Oh my God, there’s Dad playing piano, and there’s a cousin singing in the background.” It will be cute and extra special.

You’ve already been dropping Christmas videos – are there more where those came from?

Oh yeah. We’ve actually recorded two music videos, I’m so excited about them. I pre-recorded, like I already shared these the other day, all these performances to just have in the bag. Fifteen performances that were just thrown out to everywhere so eventually people will just see those. I was five months pregnant while we recorded those, so it was tough work but we got a lot of great content.

Normally I would ask what you’re working on next, but I feel like with a baby coming that answer’s a bit obvious.

I’m excited to have Christmas and promote the album, and it’s already doing so well which is nuts because it’s only November. It’s been a huge blessing, but I can’t wait to shut my brain down and have a baby and have a whole new chapter. I feel like I’m starting my family, and it’s so exciting. I’m finally buying baby stuff, and I’m way too excited.

Are you starting to nest at all?

I have an extra bedroom where I just have a pile of boxes of and the basinet, and nothing’s open because I don’t want it to get dusty. I don’t know. I don’t really know what I’m doing, but I know when we’re ready we’re going to set it up all together and it’ll be perfect. But, for right now, there’s a whole shopping room with baby equipment.

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