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Photo: Chrome Hearts

Bella Hadid’s Tie-Dye Chrome Hearts Shirts Sold Out in Seconds

The model says she hopes to make more shirts soon

Over the course of this pandemic, we have become all too familiar with the concept of performative sympathy: people flashing their wealth through social channels when so many are unemployed and struggling and others using the Black Lives Matter protests as a way to earn clout instead of fight for their fellow human being’s lives. It’s occurred to the general public that perhaps too many people aren’t as concerned with others’ well-beings. 

However, Bella Hadid, supermodel and Instagram darling, has taken a personal, more impactful route to truly empowering her audience: hand-dying t-shirts for a cause. Teaming up with past collaborators over at fashion label Chrome Hearts, Hadid set out to tie-dye a total of 50 tops throughout the global lockdown, while staying at her family’s ranch in Pennsylvania. 


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She describes her feelings of powerlessness and need to help in a heartfelt Instagram caption, saying As the pandemic started eight months ago, the feeling of panic and sadness infiltrated throughout the planet. I began every morning just sitting with my thoughts, hoping I could manifest happiness and full stomachs for anyone struggling. Unfortunately, I’d have to say that I am not that powerful, but I knew I had to put my energy in somewhere to help. The thought of how lucky I was to be healthy, safe, fed, and loved while there were so many families and children feeling the exact opposite would completely overwhelm my brain every single day, from the minute I woke up to the minute I went to sleep. With them in mind, I decided to sit every day for a few months to personally tie-dye these shirts, just for you, in hopes that i could eventually sell them for @feedingamerica.”

The mini photoshoot for the collection sees Hadid donning various wigs and posing herself like a Barbie doll whilst clad in the vast sea of tie-dyed shirts. The soft pinks, blues, and yellows clash with the brightness of the backgrounds and accessories. 

Each of the shirts contain a unique, one-of-a-kind tie dye pattern with the Chrome Hearts logo emblazoned on the back and neckline. A standout piece was the graffiti-inspired red heart shirt, with splotches of ink around it, reminiscent of the Sacre Coeur of the world.

The shirts were sold on Chrome Heart’s website on Nov. 14, selling out instantly, but Hadid promises there will be more shirts and personal opportunities to help in the future. This collection comes as a kind and refreshing pastel dream from someone authentic who just wants to help the world.