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IKEA and Byredo Collaborate on Affordable Candle Collection

Smells like home sweet home to me...

Home. A word that invokes a cacophony of emotions, thoughts, and feelings for many individuals. When we’re away from this sentiment, this longing for home is an ever-present thought. We never verbally acknowledge it, but after a long journey when we step through the doorway of our house, the smell of home strikes us. Powerful. Intimate. Comforting. Home décor giant IKEA and fragrance titans Byredo have teamed up to encapsulate this feeling within a tiny, unassuming jar– which is advantageous and utterly förvånande [astounding].

IKEA & Byredo’s recent collaboration has resulted in a line of thirteen scented candles ranging from soft florals to powerful woodsy scents. All of these candles, through empirical research conducted by both companies, are meant to invoke a sense of nostalgia and homecoming. Each candle boldly endeavors to invoke this sense of being home amongst your family and friends; by attempting to call forth positive memories linked to olfactory memory. The new line, dubbed OSYNLIG, Swedish for “invisible” is a limited-edition collection of scented candles. Which attempts to not only encapsulate a feeling but endeavors to get individuals to reflect upon scent in the home. Asking everyone, what does home truly smell like to you?

Whether it be the delicate aroma of Peach Blossom & Bamboo or the subtle smell of Basil & Mint, IKEA & Byredo have invested countless hours poring over research. As both have sought to democratize smell and create a vast array of distinct scents; so that each individual is able to uncover a scent that truly embodies the moniker of “home” to them. Admittedly, for a brief moment when this article was being written, we at EUPHORIA. paused. What does home really smell like to each of us? Unsurprisingly, IKEA & Byredo were able to nail this down. Personally, the fresh yet invigorating scent of Sandalwood & Vanilla resonated with me. If Sandalwood & Vanilla isn’t your speed, IKEA & Byredo have 12 other scents including but not limited to:

  • Rose & Raspberries – $9.99
  • Pomegranate & Amber – $4.99
  • Tea Leaves & Verbena – $24.99
  • Lilac & Amber – $9.99

As illustrated above, price points for OSYNLIG vary with the lowest being priced at $4.99 and the most expensive jar being priced at a whopping $24.99. Considering the home market for candles, shelling out $4.99 doesn’t seem like all too bad of a deal; considering there are much more expensive candles out there currently retailing on the market for $50.00 or more. For those wallet-savvy candle connoisseurs interested in this latest venture between IKEA & Byredo, you’ll be pleased to learn this latest collection is available for purchase online and in-store at IKEA.

Whatever home smells like to you, IKEA & Byredo have undeniably stepped up to the plate. This powerhouse duo has bottled up an ephemeral essence, found at the heart of each and every home. Looking towards the future, if IKEA & Byredo extend the partnership, it would be thrilling to see if they would take this notion a step further. Perhaps by inviting individuals to come to the IKEA store and craft their own “signature” scent, one which is unique to them and their notion of home. Allowing individuals to encapsulate comfort and security in a tiny, unassuming jar.