megan thee stallion don't stop

Megan Thee Stallion – Don’t Stop (ft. Young Thug)

Megan Thee Cheshire Cat and Thugga Scissorhands over wobbling distorted Buddha Bless production?! The combination in its boldness and power feels exactly right. To hear and see Megan Thee Stallion come out unfazed and fully herself in its entirety off of the recent tomfoolery is so satisfying.

Meg brings Young Thug along to exist with her in a Tim Burton twerk fantasy for the video accompanying her new single “Don’t Stop.” The weirdness of the two stars blends as smooth as a perfect frozen margarita. As Meg goes through sexy and bossed up-fits from at least four different Alice In Wonderland Characters in the visual, she even further extends her impenetrable confidence in her bars. She raps, “I don’t even say, “What’s up?” I just tell him what I want. Cause I got another n***a that’s gon’ do it if he don’t.” Yeah, cool enough said.

To hear Megan spit the hook, “Don’t stop, pop that cat. Mmm, mmm, just like that,” in a tight-fitting, wildly accurate Cheshire Cat outfit; then later rap it while being spanked by an animated mini cat is just really precisely as it should be. Then, in turn, to hear Thug rap, “Shake what your doctor gave ya / And I’ma ice your wrists like a player,” with Edward Scissorhands’ scissor-hands like a Tim Burton surgeon is quite the cherry on top. The aesthetic Colin Tilley set with “WAP” has extended into this visual with the bright colors and caricatured imagery. The perspective fits Megan’s personality perfectly, so it’s dope to see the two connect again in such a successful way. 

Meg’s assertively nasty bars fit so well into the slapping beat composed by Buddha Blessed. The 808’s and heavy bass mixed with the warped synths, most similar to Metro Boomin’s on Future’s “I Serve The Bass,” connect in perfect contorted harmony. A voice like Megan’s deserves this unapologetically aggressive tone, and she snatches it up with finesse and purpose. It’s the perfect single at the ideal time.