mellah hitchin

Mellah – Hitchin

Liam Ramsden, aka Mellah, is a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter with a flair for infectious melodies and an off-kilter yet razor-sharp point of view. Following on from the success of his previously released singles “Habit,” “Family Fun,” and “Death Pillage Plunder,” the latest offering from the Columbia signed leftfield pop artist, “Hitchin,” received its first spin from Annie Mac on BBC Radio 1 and is a track brimming with feel good indie-pop soundscapes.

In his own words, Mellah states that, “Hitchin is about relinquishing control. Forever pining and searching and digging for contentment, meaning and joy when in reality it’s in your back pocket, all you need to do is stop looking for it to notice the free ride.”

It’s safe to say that with the ongoing pandemic, we can all do with feeling a little bit more in control of our lives at the moment – so thanks, Mellah for cooking up the perfect antidote!

Compared to some of Mellah’s earlier releases which utilise more unusual melodies and rhythms, “Hitchin” takes on a much simpler, straight-up approach in its composition. Opening with a light acoustic guitar rhythm and reverberated vocal harmonies, the track feels nostalgically warm and comforting before lifting in intensity with the introduction of synth lines in the chorus sections.

Lyrically, as Mellah touches on earlier in his own words, the song revolves around a character who is “Hitchin” their way through life by finding joy and comfort in acceptance of the here and now; not longing for a place where pure contentment resides. This mantra helps to symbolise one side of what Mellah describes as his sometimes “schizophrenic” approach to songwriting: “sometimes I write really slow sad songs and sometimes it’s more fuck you, a bit more punk. A more fun, subversive thing.”

Politics and the current state of society often fuel Mellah’s subversion as a songwriter, and his work to date typifies his abilities to craft his own searing and necessary statements on these topics.

But, with “Hitchin,” Mellah reminds us in his own indie-pop style that life is here to be enjoyed and not constantly scrutinised. Next time you find yourself thinking things are getting a bit out of hand, give this a spin.