maggie lindemann scissorhands

Maggie Lindemann – Scissorhands

Social media starlet turned pop-punk songstress Maggie Lindemann serves Halloween finesse with the release of her latest single “Scissorhands.” The alt-rock infusion offers heavy guitars against echoing synths in a mysterious, twisted ode to anti-pop music. The track follows her previous single “GASLIGHT! (feat. Siickbrain)” dropped just three weeks prior in preparation for her upcoming EP Paranoia due in January 2021.

Since her 2015 debut, Lindemann has ardently faced internet fame by channeling her sentiments into a sound so subversive it could define music’s gray area of genre-bending. Her 2016 breakout track “Pretty Girl” earned coveted platinum status and amassed over 1 billion streams to date; three short years later, she found herself collaborating among legends including Travis Barker on “Friends Go.” Her trajectory is a testament to her ability to keep up with the big dogs; a skill which helped solidify her status as a pop-punk princess by age 22.

With “Scissorhands” serving as an obvious homage to Tim Burton’s 1998 film Edward Scissorhands, Lindemann is sure to convey all things creepy and macabre á la your favorite dark fantasies. Beneath the surface of the rock song is an almost silly play on the idiosyncrasies of today which, according to Lindemann, “speaks to loneliness and the challenges in society to be accepted.” The release of the track affirms a newer, mature sound for the singer–one that highlights her artistic growth and immense potential in music.

While “Scissorhands” maintains the catchiness of a pop song that makes it so inescapable, at the record’s core is a dark, burning ember exploding with every repeating chorus. Her unique take on drama reads like a sonic boom; she’s a surefire standout that’s almost intimidating (in the best way) to watch. “Scissorhands” is truly a spectacle of teen angst and the ultimate culmination of the theatrics within our culture. If society’s standards are so grandiose anyways, why not create a track that matches?