jorja smith come over

Jorja Smith – Come Over (ft. Popcaan)

In a classic tale of poor communication fused with love and pride, Jorja Smith croons about a lover. A lover who will not give over the reasoning for their sudden silence and lack of explanation. On her new single “Come Over” feat. Popcaan, we get the full scope of the emotion of that circumstance. 

It’s the second time semi-recently we’ve heard Jorja slide into an afrobeat/dancehall style rhythm, including her 2019 single “Be Honest” feat Burna Boy. “Come Over” feels much more natural. Jorja tap dances on the rhythm as its darker tones allow her tone and inherent style to excel. 

In the intro and repeated pre-chorus, Jorja sings, “Tell me what I did this time. Why is it I work so hard for you? I wish I could read your mind.” The conundrum of the chase of a mysterious lover is a pocket emotionally that Jorja’s melancholy jazz delivery feels inherently natural within. The smooth yet ache filled timbre transports you to the moment of anxiety surrounding the unsure mind state of being in the dark. When she sings the line, “I give too much but I choose to, and you love that,” you can also hear her somewhat projecting. While it is true that her lover likes the game, so does she. Within her singing of the line, you see a subtle smirk on her face in your mind, which indicates the cat and mouse inflicted love escapade fuels both their desires.

The second verse that Jorja sings is the highlight of the song. It’s the type of singing that Jorja Smith fans have genuinely come to love her for. The depth and purity of her tonality on the line, “If you gave more of your time, yeah, we both might just get what we want,” feels so fully realized and in the moment that it induces goosebumps. The line is proof of why she deserves to cut through like she has and will continue to do so.

Popcaan’s autotune filled feature truly gives back the male response to the game the couple is playing. He slyly compliments her, deflecting from the argument as he sings, “It’s been a while you smile. You getting prettier, yuh pretty from you a juvenile.” As Jorja goes back to the repeated pre-chorus, it takes on an even impassioned meaning. She knows what she has isn’t healthy, but the love and lust are as enticing as a chocolate bar with a sweet tooth.

“Come Over” is Jorja’s best single since her debut album. Hopefully, it’s a sign of sounds to come.