ari lennox chocolate pomegranate

Ari Lennox – Chocolate Pomegranate

“Said chocolate pomegranate, come live in this truth. No one’s gonna ride and love you like I do.”

On Twitter, Ari asked, “can anyone guess what the title of this song symbolizes?” Well Ari, unless I’m way off and your tone isn’t slightly sarcastic (due to the obviousness), I’d say it is your own unique expression of the thing that Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion spoke of on their latest single

To get the sweet fruit, which would be the seeds of a pomegranate, you have to do a bit of work. It’s not a crazy amount, but there are many Internet videos explaining the techniques to get the seeds out with finesse and care. As Ari sings, “My love is deep, you’ll find. If you can’t reach, just dip, don’t waste my time,” the parallel becomes clear. If you don’t wish to do the bit of necessary work, just try another fruit. However, if you want to explore the best way to extract the sweet seeds, the payoff will be more than satisfying. 

Ari’s long time producer Elite co-produced the track with Dijon Styles. The chemistry that Ari and Elite have at this point has to be compared with some of the other great producer-singer combos. From songs like “Shea Butter Baby” to “New Apartment” to now “Chocolate Pomegranate,” Elite’s beats hold Ari’s voice like a grandmother’s hug. The rolling heartbeat-like drums mixed with the wavering synth create the space for Ari to sing openly and fully. 

After the near-perfection of Shea Butter Baby and the sound here, the anticipation for the follow-up album is mounting more and more by the day. Can’t wait to hear the fruit it bears.