alaina castillo parate

Alaina Castillo – ¡párate!

Pop music’s rising teenage dream takes on Latin infusion with spirit, spice, and a profoundly passionate sense of fearlessness. Enter Alaina Castillo, the 19-year-old bilingual songstress tackling the ultimate challenge of transforming dreary heartbreak into “dance-it-out” warranting jams. With vulnerability at the crux of her discography, she’s garnered a slew of eager fans on an international scale–to date, the singer is pushing multi-millions of listeners every month.

As one of the most versatile young artists on the rise, Castillo is notorious for keeping fans on their toes when it comes to unreleased projects. She’s perfected lyrics in both English and Spanish; however, the starlet is no stranger to offering both facets of her identity. Her 2019 debut with EP antisocial butterfly offers a perfectly equal balance of three English tracks and three Spanish. If anything, Castillo has mastered the “there’s something for everybody” mentality. Since then, she’s put forth a slew of multi-lingual projects further affirming her stance as one of music’s most adaptable vocalists.

“¡parate!” as it stands maintains the fun, sassy flair akin to the Latin genre with a feminine twist. Her soft vocals contrast a percussion-driven backtrack seamlessly creating the perfect sonic environment of sensuality and enchantment. While each verse is gentle, seductive, and ethereal, for every chorus is an engaging beat drop coercing out its listener’s dance moves. With “¡parate!” Castillo creates a bop ready for the clubs, a highway-worthy zone out anthem, and the ideal “pick me up” track all in one. The single bends genres in an almost uncanny fashion, so we can only assume it’ll tackle the charts with just as much ardent enthusiasm.