kirsty grant back to sleep

Kirsty Grant

Emerging in 2019 with her debut single “I’m The One,” from the outset Grant evidenced her incredible ability to channel multi-faceted emotions into accessible yet poignant pop music. Delving into feelings of painful longing, the track couples an infectiously catchy chorus with vibrant production, that simultaneously feels dynamic and reassuringly familiar. Grant followed that track up in 2020 with “Wait A Second,” which saw Grant further solidify her sound.

Her latest track “Back To Sleep” unarguably serves as her best work to date. Vivid lyricism serves to create a detailed portrayal of the almost indescribably painful feelings that accompany losing someone you love. Through her incredible penmanship, Grant manages to capture the bewildering mix of yearning, relief, and listlessness that seems to infect every single moment of your day following a breakup. On the track, her lyricism is perfectly complemented by dreamy production that places an emphasis on her astonishing vocal performance. Even though she’s chronically devastatingly uncomfortable feelings on “Back To Sleep,” her vocal performance is calmingly self-assured.

Speaking of her latest track “Back To Sleep,” Kristy shared, “This is one of my favorite songs to date; there’s something about it that feels so special to me.” She continues, “It’s the hardest I’ve ever worked (vocally) on a song and it took countless hours to perfect. The meaning behind the song is so honest and pure as it’s about longing after someone you’ve lost, reflecting on that period after a breakup where it’s isolating and painful and you don’t know what to do with your day to get through it, so the only thing you can do is go back to sleep and try to forget.”

Grant moved to London at 18 to pursue her music career and she honed her talents at BIMM London. She has a degree in Popular Music Vocal Performance but she unquestionably has a talent that can’t just be taught. While pop music is often seen as simplistic and straightforward, trailblazers like Grant are proving that the genre can encompass a wide variety of artists and sounds.

Serving as her third release of the year, “Back To Sleep” serves as a stunning showcase of Grant’s phenomenal talent. In an age where there’s never been more music fighting for listener’s attention, Grant’s sensational pop stylings more than prove that she’s an exciting artist-to-watch.