netsky interview


If you’re a fan of drum and bass, or any kind of electronic music for that matter, you’ll probably know the name Netsky.

The Belgian producer and musician has been making huge waves since his 2010 debut album and 2012 sophomore album. After leaving his home in London for LA to create a more pop-infused record, Netsky (or Boris Daenen) has since returned to his roots and hunkered down in the studio for his forthcoming album Second Nature, due out on October 30th.

We talked to Netsky about his love for drum and bass, collaborating with friends, and what fans can expect from the upcoming record.

Hey Boris! Thanks for taking the time to answer these questions. How have things been for you lately?
Hi! Things are ok! I’m on a relaxing holiday right now. Feels nice being able to get out of the country for a little while again!

It’s impossible to have a chat with anyone these days without mentioning the global pandemic that’s struck 2020. How have you been facing the recent industry changes? Are you flourishing as an artist in captivity or are you itching to get back on stage?
Yes, it does seem to be the main topic these days haha. This year has been a big change for everybody. And people in the music and events industry have not been spared! I’m one of the lucky ones in this industry that can still work on music alone in a little studio. I’ve been very productive, I just finished my next album Second Nature, which is coming out end of October.

You’ve recently returned to your former label Hospital Records. How did that come about and what insinuated this move? Have you missed being in a more drum and bass environment?
Next to other genres I’ve always been and always will be in love with drum & bass. Hospital Records was the beginning for me, after experimenting with other genres for a couple of years I started missing releasing d&b for sure. This album is all about looking back, taking inspiration from 2010-11 era drum & bass, and cooking it up with some 2020 spices.

What do you think are some of the key things you learned whilst exploring more pop styles in LA that you’re keen to relay into your next moves?
I really fell in love with “songs.” It might sound simple but a good lyric, melody, and arrangement are often what I miss in underground dance music. In LA I had 2 mentors, Mikkel and Tor from ‘Stargate’. It was amazing seeing them work and eventually working with them.

You’re no stranger to collaborations. What’s it like working with such variations in artists and combining your signature groove with their styles? Do you find it quite easy to join forces with others to create something new?
On this album especially, everything fell into place really nicely. All the collaborations on here are collaborations with friends. They all happened very naturally.

About a month ago you released “Mixed Emotions” with Montell2099, and just recently “Blend” with Rudimental and Afronaut Zu. What kind of statement do you hope for these singles to make in anticipation of the upcoming album Second Nature?
Although I’d like to think the album has a general vibe to it, each song has a different story. “Mixed Emotions” felt like the right song to release right now, while a lot of people are dealing with emotional ups and downs. The next single “Blend” is pure positive London vibes. I’ve been good friends with Rudimental for a long time and I’m glad we finally get to release music together.

What can you tell us about Second Nature? Is there a particular style that fans can expect? What does the title mean to you?
It’s me going back to my roots. Collaborations I’ve been wanting to do forever. Samples from my dad’s favorite 70s songs. Lots of soul-inspired liquid drum & bass but also more festival-ready music. I’m ready to get on stage again with this record whenever it will be allowed!