coco & eve miracle hair elixer

Coco & Eve Launches New Miracle Hair Elixir

The new Miracle Hair Elixir is 100% vegan and cruelty-free.

Crowdsourced-brand and social media icons, Coco & Eve have recently launched a brand-new Miracle Hair Elixir that will quite literally give you beachy, flawless waves throughout winter.

Little over a week ago, fans of the brand were caught off guard. When the masterminds behind Coco & Eve decided to surprise their fanbase, by announcing a follow-up to their wildly successful “Like A Virgin Hair Mask” – the “Miracle Hair Elixir.” Coco & Eve’s latest product launch (in stores now) is a multi-purpose, coconut-infused styling treatment jam-packed with all sorts of goodies.

Inside of the small pink bottle, one can find organic ingredients like coconut, fig, papaya, mangosteen, and prickly pear. Alongside hyaluronic acid, which although it sounds scary is actually an ingredient that helps hydrate hair and can be found naturally inside the human body. When packed together, all of these ingredients combine to pack a powerful punch. As the antioxidants from the papaya and mangosteen, add gloss and silkiness to one’s hair without having to deal with that greasy feeling of added chemicals. While the hyaluronic acid and coconut help nourish hair and seal those ever-dreaded split ends; ensuring your hair will look its best regardless of how damaged it may be!

coco & eve miracle hair elixer

As if that wasn’t enough Coco & Eve took things a step further, by ensuring that their latest Miracle Hair Elixir is 100% Vegan and cruelty-free. The latest hair elixir, which follows up on the heels of its incredibly popular “Like A Virgin Hair Mask” is also free from parabens and sulfates. So, you don’t have to worry about damaging your pretty little head. Instead, Coco & Eve’s Miracle Hair Elixir works to rebuild and repair dry damaged locks. All while ensuring that your hair stays protected. As you can work this elixir into your hair before going outside or styling. As the serum ensures your hair is protected from UV damage and heat damage of up to 428 degrees Fahrenheit.

At this point, Coco & Eve’s latest Miracle Hair Elixir offers all of us the chance to look like we’ve just stepped off the beach. As their Miracle Hair Elixir offers us gorgeous, luxurious hair with less frizz, minimal split ends, and a significant lack of flyaway hairs. An added bonus? The Miracle Hair Elixir smells absolutely divine with hints of coconut and fig.

In the end, Coco & Eve’s Bali inspired Miracle Hair Elixir is a revolutionary item in the way of vegan beauty; however, this revolution comes at a cost. If you’re looking to jump on the revolutionary bandwagon, be prepared to shell out a fairly hefty $29.90 for 100 mL of product. Even with the hefty price tag, Coco & Eve’s benefits vastly outweigh the rather eye-watering price of $29.90. As Coco & Eve’s Miracle Hair Elixir is nothing short of a miracle for all hair types. As an individual who has brittle and frizzy hair, the serum promises to provide a sense of life and “zhoosh” without making my hair greasy. Which is exciting! Additionally, those with dull hair, bleached or dyed hair may also find this product to be exceptional.

For those interested in learning more or wanting to purchase a bottle, the Miracle Hair Elixir is now available for purchase from Coco & Eve’s website.