rainsford oh my god interview
photo: Dana Boulos / press


American actress and singer, Rainsford drops new single “Oh My God,” following her recent appearance on TV drama series– fully filmed with actors while they were in quarantine titled Love in the Time of Corona on Freeform. Effortlessly creative and multi-talented, she has gained recognition with roles in Ocean’s 8 and Mad Men among others in the realm of TV and film, is equally a force to be reckoned with in fashion and music as well.

With two singles, “2 Cents” and “Crying In The Mirror,” already under her belt this year, Rainsford’s new track – out on September 18 – moves away from her signature emotive songwriting, to experiment with something more light-hearted. With a touch of laughter and some silliness, “Oh My God,” is an indication of her growth and evolution as an artist and person, as she aims to bring pleasure and some happiness to her listeners.

Rainsford delves into how her music and acting influence & overlap each other, what other creative avenues she enjoys experimenting with, and much more.

What is the message/inspiration behind “Oh My God”?
This song is a bit unusual for me because I was really just trying to write something fun, funny, and silly. Typically everything I write is deeply personal and emotional. I wrote “Oh My God” with one of my best friends. You can actually hear me laughing at the beginning. The vibe is very OMG.

How would you describe your sound? How has it evolved over time?
The music I write has grown and changed with me. I think the simplest way to describe a sound is by listening to it.

Do you draw your inspiration from your own experiences/introspection or do you draw it from your surroundings?
All of the above!

If listeners could take away one message from your music, what would you want it to be?
I hope people find pleasure in listening to my music. I wouldn’t want to dictate a message or specific interpretation per-say regarding my songs, but if there was a message, I hope people listen to it (not really within what I write, but in more of a general sense). I hope we start to treat animals with compassion and value their lives. And I hope we start to understand how urgently we have to take drastic measures to combat climate change.

You’ve recently acted in Love In The Time of Corona. How do acting and music overlap and influence each other?
I really love acting. And I really love music and I really love being busy and having projects to work on. So I kind of chase whatever opportunities present themselves.

In terms of acting, what kind of roles would you like to experiment with?
I really love spooky stuff, so it would be fun to do a horror film. I’m also into witchcraft, folklore, and fairy tales. I’d love to work on a project with magical elements or something medieval, but really what’s most important to me is good writing and finding the humanity within a character.

Besides acting and music, do you have any other creative avenues? Is there something you haven’t tried yet that you’re particularly keen on in the creative spectrum?
I big creative avenue for me is dancing. I’ve been really into the idea of making pottery lately. I have only done it twice in classes, but recently ordered some oven bake clay on Amazon and it sucked. Also, my friends and I draw on each other almost every time we have a drink!

What’s the best part of making music? What’s the most frustrating part for you personally?
There are lots of best parts! I love the process of writing a song. I love thinking of melodies and trying to beat my own ideas. I love getting to track something I just came up with and exploring different ways of performing it. And of course, I really love performing at shows. I can’t wait till they start back! I wouldn’t say there is any frustrating parts.

What’s been the most surreal moment of your career so far? What’s next for you?
It’s always surreal seeing people sing my songs back to be live. I love that. It’s such a crazy feeling, very humbling, gratifying, and heart-breaking in a good way.

Finally, if you could describe your career so far in three words, what would they be and why?
Waste. Of. Time. Just kidding!! I don’t know, I feel lucky anyone cares about the music I make at all! It’s such a scary time in the world right now. It is so easy to feel like the world is ending, and we’re all going up in flames. Animals are becoming extinct at an alarming rate, and new diseases are sprouting up from the Earth as we clear cut the rainforest and wash away our tears with acid rain. So at least we HOPEFULLY can find a little bit of enjoyment in the little things, like listening to a new song!

Check out Rainsford’s new single “Oh My God” on all streaming platforms: https://frtyfve.lnk.to/OMG?