teddy geiger sharkbait
photo: Natalie Chahal / press

Teddy Geiger – Sharkbait

If the name Teddy Geiger doesn’t sound familiar to you, then maybe the line, “Now that I’m without your kisses, I’ll be needing stitches,” will. The Grammy-nominated songwriter, artist, and cultural icon, Teddy Geiger, who is best known for penning tracks for major artists like Shawn Mendes, John Legend, and Maroon 5, is ready to step into a spotlight of her own– sharing her brand new single, “Sharkbait,” with the world.

In 2018, Geiger released her first-ever solo album, LillyAnna, under the moniker, teddy <3. Today, “Sharkbait” echoes the honest, gritty, and dreamlike feel of her previous songs with a fresh new perspective. The track feels lighthearted yet sinful, as it dares you to dream and fantasize about what might happen if you decide to jump into unknown waters and take the biggest risks you’ve ever taken in your life. “Everybody’s telling me stay out of the water,” Geiger sings, “I’m looking like shark bait / I’m not staying out of the waves.” In the song, the artist uses her bravery and willingness to find freedom against the warnings of the world. For anyone who has ever felt held back by others or been told not to be yourself, “Sharkbait” is an expression of the back and forth emotional ride you might feel.

Yet, Geiger places herself in the center of it all. Unafraid to take the risk, she sings “I could end up in the jaws of something bigger than me,” a metaphor for ending up in a place you ever thought you might end up. While acknowledging her fear of wading out into open waters and the fact that something wicked (sharks) are out waiting for her, she decides to go forward anyway. In a new and refreshing sound, the cheery tone but honestly bitter lyrics echo Geiger reinventing herself.

While the music she’s written for others in the pop music hemisphere, amassing billions of streams, earning multip #1’s, and securing a Grammy nomination for Song of The Year in 2019, a song like “Sharkbait,” is truly Teddy Geiger. It’s hers to own and hers with a name, and it’s a beautiful, mesmerizing track that serves as a great introduction to an artist who’s incredibly experienced in music but new to the spotlight in her own rightful time. Get to know more about Geiger by staying up to date on her latest music news – like the inside scoop on her highly-anticipated second album that’s already in the works– and stream “Sharkbait” today.