still woozy bs

Still Woozy – BS

Still Woozy heralds in a world of groovy synths and surreal whimsy with his second single of 2020, “BS.” A lush and vibrant ode to self-exploration, the track offers listeners an alternate route out of their anxieties and stressors. The Bay Area native describes the record as “part of a whole picture” he aims to canter around positivity and growth–it’s just the message we need to round out 2020.

Exhibiting layers of surreal sounds and textures, “BS” is the true epitome of what it means to feel “woozy” through the worries and humdrum of everyday life. Pioneered in production by the singer himself, the song’s instrumentals read as the ultimate chill beat at the summer kickback. Constantly bending genres, Woozy consistently creates art within the perfect middle ground parameters of indie-rock and psychedelic-pop.

Frequently building from the skeleton outwards, Woozy highlights, “it’s so much fun to create beats and make something out of nothing.” For him, producing a record is an intimate process involving a hefty amount of personal lifting and attention to detail. “You’d be able to tell if it wasn’t me doing a song” he notes. After all, there is no one better than the man behind the music to know the exact sonic caveats his fans have grown to love.

Even so, “BS” still manages to fall into the Woozy-adored genre of impossibility. What do you do when one’s discography is so unique it’s unable to be arranged into precise categories? If anything, Still Woozy is the textbook definition of genre-bending; he finds beauty (and madness) in creating the most eccentric sounds. Essentially, his inability to fall into the confines of mainstream music is the genius of Still Woozy. He’s unexpected, constantly developing, and experimental– “I don’t want people to get used to one thing” he affirms.

Like an extension of himself, “BS” is just as much a story for the fans as it is for the artist. Woozy feeds off the energy of his listeners, and perhaps that’s just part of the magic. While his initially scheduled tour for early 2020 was canceled at the hands of the COVID-19, rest assured Woozy is working overtime to muster up the most vibrant, exhilarating experience one could expect from music’s most magical artist.