girl in red rue

Girl in Red – Rue

Norwegian singer, songwriter, and producer Marie Ulven– girl in red– allows a glimpse into her yet-to-be-named debut album with fearless new single “rue.” Chasing catharsis with her open-hearted songwriting and experimental soundscapes, Ulven’s latest offering draws parallels between herself and the character Rue of HBO’s hit show Euphoria.

Breaking out of her bedroom pop mold, the track showcases a whole new side to the singer as it delves into themes of escapism and her own mental health struggles.  The raw lyricism which seeks to shatter the taboo associated with queerness and mental illness is elevated by the foreboding swirl of sonics that encompasses it.

Boasting an edgier sound than her usual endeavors, the tracks opens, “I remember you couldn’t stop crying/ You found me when I thought I was dying/Believe me when I say/I tried so hard to change,” as she sings about the relatable insecurity of feeling like you’re burdening your loved ones with your uncontrolled low points. The bold track then shifts into a hard-hitting chorus as Ulven establishes self-confidence, “Yeah, I tried / To get it off my mind / To leave it all bеhind / Don’t wanna make it worse / I’m gonna make it work

Equally filled with melancholic contemplation and hopeful euphoria, “rue,” is the personification of Ulven’s efforts to inspire and encourage others to face and overcome challenges, led by her own experiences.

Speaking of the inspiration behind the track, Ulven said: “People lack the knowledge and don’t understand that your mental health isn’t necessarily who you are. You can be depressed but that doesn’t mean you don’t want to go outside or you don’t have feelings.”

With several accolades to her name including millions of streams, sold-out worldwide shows, and widespread critical to her name, this new offering reveals parts of this rising star’s mammoth abilities and unlimited potential, with much more to come.