charlotte clark warm weather

Charlotte Clark – Warm Weather

Charlotte Clark hasn’t let this year slow down her creative process, despite putting just about everything on hold. The singer, who is also part of Harry Styles’s band, has been rolling out her own solo music this year, and her latest offering is “Warm Weather,” which dropped Sept. 18. 

Following her release of “Disarray,” Clark kept the same dreamy quality for “Warm Weather.” The synthy song relies on a muted pounding drum beat to keep it grounded, letting Clark’s ethereal vocals carry through on top. Clark said in a press release about the song, “The day I wrote ‘Warm Weather’, I was on a flight to Bergen, Norway, and had that voice in my head that was telling me I wasn’t worthy of traveling abroad and spending money on a flight to write music. As soon as I arrived, I went straight to this writing session on the sunniest and most beautiful day and met [co-writer] Magnus Skylstad, and that’s when the lyrics just came pouring out.”

The song draws you in from the first beat, thanks in part to the production by Odd Martin, who also works with Sigrid, Aurora, Rhys Lewis, and others. The song, though bold, is also incredibly introspective, and Clark said it’s that feeling of believing everything around you is perfect but your mind has other ideas, a feeling that so many can relate to.

Clark has been releasing music of her own for a couple of years, previously under her moniker ARK and now just as herself. She joined Styles’s band in 2019 in conjunction with his second album, Fine Line. As part of his band, she’s made major stage appearances on Saturday Night Live, Today, and many more. She’ll also head out on tour with Styles when his Love on Tour shows start, but in the meantime, she’s doing her own thing. If she continues to release music in line with “Disarray” and “Warm Weather,” we may not be too upset about Styles’ tour being on hold. It seems like her free time has gotten her creativity flowing, and we kinda love it.