photo: Derrick Freske / EUPH.

Ava Max – OMG What’s Happening

Ava Max is on the verge of setting pop music aflame with a fresh sense of spunk and an unrequited attitude. “OMG What’s Happening,” the latest single from the songstress’ highly anticipated forthcoming album Heaven & Hell, finally gives fans the material they’ve been yearning for since her summer smash hit “Sweet But Psycho.” Due September 18th, the record will boast a respectable 15 tracks split into three distinct sections: Heaven (Side A), Purgatory, and Hell (Side B).

“OMG What’s Happening” upholds the catchy, feminine sound grown signature to Max’s style since her debut in 2018. Still a foot-tapping sing-along sure to be a karaoke go-to, listeners will find the singer exploring an emotional whirlwind in a slew of poignant lyrics throughout the track. “So I did everything to push you all away, and finally you left, and now I’m missing you like crazy, and I cry, no I can’t sleep alone tonight” she begs from verse to verse.

Rather quirky and upbeat for an ode to loneliness, the single offers an unexpectedly fresh take on what would be assumed a painful, provocative ballad. While any other pop princess may produce a longing track spewing with sentiment and heartache, it’s no surprise we can always rely on Max to produce a record encouraging fans to dance it out. Who says breakups are all about curling up in bed and crying over a pint of ice cream? Max wants us to channel our inner Taylor Swift’s and “Shake It Off” on the floor with her newest music.

Get ready for Ava Max’s pop domination September 18th; pre-order the upcoming album here.