Temperley London Spring/Summer 2021

Temperley London’s latest collection is a blast to the past!

Temperley London returned to London Fashion Week with a retro-inspired Spring/Summer 2021 collection. Appealing to our escapist tendencies—that are stronger than ever thanks to pandemic anxiety—Alice Temperley’s designs referenced the youthful optimism of the Swinging Sixties. As expected, the brand showcased an assortment of their classic tailored daywear looks and staple evening gowns, but, this time, with a psychedelic twist. 

At the digital presentation, Temperley released a free-spirited fashion film capturing their unique spin on the late 1960s. The very short clip, hitting just over the one minute mark, was captured by Pedro Pacheco on an unnamed British beach. To achieve a carefree, jet-set vibe (without needing to leave the UK), the models swayed their arms on the sand to a groovy instrumental. In doing so, they showed off the timeless pieces that Temperley London are so renowned for. 

temperley temperley

Split into two parts, the first half of the collection focused on dynamic daywear. For ease of movement, flowing trapeze silhouettes were featured throughout. Additionally, there were high-collared blouses—some with puff sleeves, others with pussy bow necklines—tucked into wide-leg trousers. Also spotted were some gorgeous a-line skirts decorated with chic gold buttons. 

Temperley showcased imaginative prints that embraced the late 1960s psychedelia.  Major motifs included intricate lattice stitching and geometric dots, referencing Bridget Riley’s optical-illusion art. Another print (named the Leonie Print), took inspiration from agate crystals. It consisted of colorful marbled swirls that were hand-painted onto a few of the gowns.

In the collection’s second half, Temperley displayed their remarkable evening dresses. Butterfly sleeves, dreamy silk textiles, cascading floral embroidery, and sheer gowns embellished with sequins all made an appearance. Elsewhere, a silk kaftan and off-the-shoulder dress showcased Temperley’s Dahlia print. This was a horizontal stripe print in exciting color gradients like purple, pink, and orange.  

On the whole, this collection didn’t stray far from what we’d expect from the brand. However, Temperley’s allegiance to timeless silhouettes and classic tailoring merely highlights their strong brand identity. For some fashionistas, this consistency will come across as rather dull, but for others, it’s some much-needed comfort in an increasingly scary world. And with this collection’s fun 1960s throwback, the escapist hunger is very well fed! 

To see the Spring/Summer 2021 collection for yourself, pop onto the Temperley London website.