Four of the Best Small but Meaningful Tattoo Ideas

Getting a tattoo is not a decision that should be taken lightly. Given that you’ll wear it on your skin forever after, it’s imperative to choose a design that not only looks beautiful but symbolizes something special too.

That’s why, before you get inked, you ought to spend some time thinking about the sorts of things you’d most like to be reminded of. This is especially important when you’re much older. While trends may come and go, we each have special memories or lessons we’d like to hold onto, and these should act as your inspiration.

Yet, the reality is that it’s easy to feel uninspired. You know that you want something meaningful, but how best to express the thoughts or sentiments you have? Here are four small but special tattoo ideas to help you.


Flowers are a popular choice of design, and while it’s fine to pick your ink based solely on how it looks, it’s even better if it symbolizes something special to you. That’s why we recommend researching the deeper allegory and symbolism behind different blooms. So that you can choose a tattoo that looks beautiful and also represents something important to you.

In memoriam designs

When we lose someone we love, it can be incredibly hard to deal with that loss, and people process this in different ways. For roughly a quarter of the Earth’s population, a psychic chat can be cathartic, offering the chance to commune with those who are gone to gain clarity and comfort. For others, memorializing that person brings comfort, and a tattoo can be a beautiful and enduring way to do this. Whether it’s delicately scrawled initials, a sample of their handwriting, or a small but simple love heart, this is the type of tattoo you’re never going to regret.


For other people, a tattoo is a way to symbolize a special time in your life or an important memory, although finding a single image to encapsulate this can be difficult. If this is an idea you’re considering, how about choosing some small but sweet coordinates? The ideal way to mark a special event or somewhere that means something to you, these can represent everything from the spot your partner proposed at to a place you’d like to go to.

A love heart

If there’s one type of tattoo that will never go out of fashion, it’s a simply inked heart silhouette. While this is a design that lots of people model, it will always have a special meaning because it represents the most important of human emotions: love. This symbol can be a reminder to be kind to yourself, a representation of someone you care deeply about, or linked to someone you’ve lost. A heart will always be both pretty and poignant.

When it comes to choosing a tattoo you can grow old with, it’s essential to settle on ink that represents something very special to you. These four ideas can help you do that, being simple, unassuming, but holding sentimental value too. Which would you choose if you were looking for inspiration?