marc jacobs perfect

Marc Jacobs Releases Their Newest Fragrance: Perfect

Perfect, the newest fragrance by Marc Jacobs has juicy notes of rhubarb and bright daffodil that reveal a comforting heart of almond milk and finish with a soft dry down of cedarwood and cashmere. To celebrate the release, Marc Jacobs’ hosted a virtual Zoom party on August 26th.

To kick-off the event, participants were sent to the concert room, where we were all treated to a live performance by Kim Petras. She performed her hits “Hillside Boys,” “Broken,” “Malibu,” and ended the setlist with “I Don’t Want It At All.” Although there were some audio issues, and a wardrobe malfunction (which is to be expected in this Zoom-era of concerts), Petras’ vocals soared flawlessly over the backtracks. Afterward, participants were left free to explore the zoom rooms, which were listed in the chat by our very own “Perfect Genie.” I clicked a link and started off on my Perfect adventure.

I first went into the Portrait Room, where artist for the Perfect campaign, Jacky Blue, was drawing personal portraits. I joined the virtual queue and watched as several excited participants from all corners of the world watched as their likeness was recreated into line drawings, some black and white, some in color, all according to the artist’s vision. Each participant is emailed a PDF copy of their portrait. 

marc jacobs perfect

Then, I joined the Q&A session, hosted by Isabella Burley, with a panel of the models for the Perfect campaign, including Precious Lee, Mei Kawajiri, Akon Changkou, and Maddie & Margo Whitley, each tuning in from their own spaces, and speaking authentically about their varied definitions of “perfection,” and how the campaign allows themselves to embrace their own individuality.

Afterward, I went to the appraisal room, created by The Bumby’s, a New York writing duo who are covered in wigs, masks, and sunglasses so you can’t see their faces, but they can see you, and offer a type-written appraisal as a stranger. Some ranged from goofy, to poetic, to seemingly omniscient, but all helped you find your individual perfection, printed on baby pink paper with the Perfect logo emblazoned in the bottom right corner. 

If this party was in-person, there would be the customary photobooth. Luckily, Hunter Abrams, a collaborator to Marc Jacobs, had a virtual photoshoot with each participant. He instructed us in posing and took our photos with his own professional camera, which were later sent to his attendees with the Perfect logo, making us the stars of our own campaign. Drag Queen Shangela was hosting the main party room, filled with party tunes, dancing, comedy, and even some giveaways of the Perfect fragrance.

My final stop during this perfect night was the Casting Room. Anita Bitton, the real-life casting director for the Perfect campaign, led each party guest through the filming of a short video, where you first said the slogan in English, and next in another language you spoke (if you weren’t bilingual, a silly extra scene was welcomed). Anita Bitton’s infectious positivity and exciting conversation with each person made the experience all the happier.

Be sure to grab your bottle of Perfect by Marc Jacobs, available now in-store and online at Ulta Beauty, Sephora, and Macy’s.