kali uchis rico nasty

Kali Uchis – Aquí Yo Mando (ft. Rico Nasty)

Grammy and Latin Grammy-nominated artist Kali Uchis shared a new track, “Aquí Yo Mando” featuring Rico Nasty, from her forthcoming yet-to-named second studio album, which is set to be her first Spanish language project.

The track arrives with an official music video– directed by Phillipa Price– boasting larger-than-life wardrobe and hairstyling. Combining Maryland-born Rico’s signature rockstar-rap stylings with Colombian-American Uchis’ commanding neo-soul sensibilities, the track is a trap anthem of unabashed dominance and forcefulness.

Opening the bilingual offering with a self-confident rap in Spanish– “I’m your little mamacita / You do everything that I say/If you’re with me, only I call the shots,” she continues, I make the decisions, I pick the positions / You can have the balls, but me the pants.” Uchis takes the anthemic track forward with witty one-liners “I know I’m your obsession like Romeo Santos,” Rico flexes with English verses that artfully breaks up the hammering Spanish delivery,  “They can’t do it like me/ No, they can’t do it like me, bae/ I know I ride that D, same way I did this beat, bae, ” continuing, “Bossy but you know I be/Classy but still your freak.”

The thundering track– co-produced by the reggaeton hit-maker Tainy along with Albert Hype, Jon Leone, and Rvnes – veers off from the funk-influences of Uchis’ 2018 debut album Isolation, showcasing the singer’s diverse musicality. Uchis first rose to prominence with her 2015 project, Por Vida before Isolation took her to greater heights with its critical and commercial success.

Earlier this year, Uchis shared her first music of 2020 with TO FEEL ALIVE EP, following 2019’s standalone single “Solita.” The EP was a collection of demos and described by Uchis as an intimate and personal project written during quarantine, that touched on sexuality, her relationship with work, and the experience of isolating.

Now with “Aquí Yo Mando,” Uchis explores her recent interest in lacerating club sounds, perhaps setting a new tone for her upcoming sophomore album.