Mali-Koa – Me Before You

Following singles “Dancer” and “Some Things,” singer-songwriter Mali-Koa delves into an intimate yet relatable theme of finding oneself on new release “Me Before You,” the third single to be taken from her upcoming debut album.

With honesty and finesse, the track details the journey from heartbreak to healing by combining yearning vocals with a delicate piano instrumental. Mali-Koa’s emotive voice elevates her poetic songwriting, as she sings “Gotta get out / Back on my feet / Back to the person I used to be,” playing with the idea of rewinding life.

Centered on her path back to herself at the end of unrequited longing for a love that no longer exists, “Me Before You” is accompanied by a stunning video directed by Victor Kovachev. As is always the case with Mali-Koa’s offerings, the visuals take the stories she weaves with lyricism to another level.

In a clever play with the theme of the track, the video begins with a melancholic visual the Aussie native stood by herself because playing in reverse. Mali-Koa walks paths she has already been on and executes actions that have already been done as she moves through the entire video going through motions as if she– and her life– have been rewound.

Symbolic for her rediscovery of who she was “pre-someone” and new beginnings as she puts it, the track and video are comforting emblems for hope, healing, and letting go.

From urging listeners to challenge themselves until they evolve into who they want to be on April release “Dancer,” to the honest “Some Things,” which admits the struggles of moving on despite wanting to, Mali-Koa’s music have been inspiring revelation after another. With “Me Before You,” she has upped the ante, leaving listeners buzzing for what’s sure to be a poetic, and emotive debut album.