leon chasing a feeling
photo: Jerry Maestas / EUPH.

LÉON – Chasing a Feeling

Swedish singer-songwriter LÉON’s new single “Chasing A Feeling,” alongside its stunning visuals paint a vivid image of relationships gone stale with shimmering sonics and raw lyricism.

Taken from her forthcoming second full-length album Apart, the track is inspired by the end of the 27-year-old artist’s own long-term relationship. Her rich vocals and intricate instrumentals on the soaring single is elevated by the visuals which sees LÉON– real name  Lotta Lindgren– enjoying the company of her friends in the picturesque Danish countryside.

Though joy permeates her physicality, mentally her mind remains rooted in the fond memories of a relationship that’s not the same anymore. Opening the sonically expansive song with equally expressive songwriting, LÉON sings, “You used to drown out my crazy, just by the touch of your hand,” before reminding listeners of the fickle nature of “forever”, as she continues, “We used to stay up forever, just to make every moment last.”

On the chorus of the tortured yet strangely hopeful offering, she belts out, “Maybe we’ve been chasing a feeling, maybe it can be like before /Would you tell me if it’s over?/Cause our bed is getting cold and I wonder if I’m better alone.” “Chasing A Feeling,” follows three previous releases “Who You Lovin,” “In A Stranger’s Arms,” “And It Breaks My Heart” and is the fourth stop in this relatable journey of catharsis that the singer is carving out for herself and her listeners on Apart, which is due for release on October 30.

Using the time awarded to her by the pandemic to explore her feelings through her art, LÉON was able to slow down and write music drawn from the inner corners of her heart without pressure. The track may be titled “Chasing A Feelingbut Apart is a collection of feelings and she’s only raring to let them go.