itzy not shy

ITZY – Not Shy

It’s hard to believe ITZY debuted just last February, as it seems with every release, they release hit after hit after hit. It’s a testament to their talents as a group and the team around them, but also a reflection of the girls as individuals – each of them bringing something special to form ITZY’s powerful and electric sound.

This time around, ITZY are back with their latest title track, “Not Shy,” and an accompanying EP under the same title. With “Not Shy,” each member– leader and main dancer Yeji, group center and main rapper Ryujin, main dancer and vocalist Chaeryeong, main vocalist Lia, and lead rapper and dancer Yuna showcase their charms and confidence to the next level. While all of ITZY’s songs are about self-love, “Not Shy” is different as it talks about fearless confidence that can come with loving someone. It’s a catchy song, but also one that’s both honest and relatable.

At the start of the song, listeners are immediately drawn in as the group sing in unison “Not shy, Not me” followed by an iconic roll call, “ITZY,” which later repeats throughout the song’s chorus. Lia takes the reins first with her powerful vocals, followed by Yeji and then Ryujin, who asks “기다려 왜? / 기다려서 뭐해? / 내가 내 맘을 왜 왜 / 말하면 안 돼?,” which translated from Korean means “Why do you wait? / What does waiting do? / Why why can’t I just say what’s on my mind?” Cool and to the point, they’re lines that help further set the tone for the song, right before Chaeryeong sings self-assuredly, “Not shy to say I want you.”

Yuna shines especially bright in the song’s chorus, firmly proclaiming, “I want it all… Give me all /… I want you, who cares, Cuz I’m not shy.” As the song continues, listeners will probably find themselves singing along with the group, leaving them with a rush of energy and courage to face what’s ahead. If you haven’t heard of ITZY before, “Not Shy” is the perfect place to start to get to know the group and what they stand for.

And, while it’s only the second year of their career, ITZY have already garnered up countless Rookie awards, music show wins, millions of streams, and more with the support of their fans, MIDZY. The group is raising the bar with their work, so be sure to keep an eye out on their future releases!

ITZY’s Not Shy EP is out on streaming platforms now.