fletcher if i hated you

FLETCHER – If I Hated You

FLETCHER divulges into the denial stage of breaking up with her latest single “If I Hated You” from her forthcoming EP The S(ex) Tapes out on September 18th. The song comes following the mainstream success of “Bitter (with Kito)” and its stunning self-directed music video boasting over one million views to date. With two out of the six total tracks from the project now shared with fans, FLETCHER’s set her tone–and it’s full of heartbreak and resentment.

In a poignant tweet ominously captioned “shot by my ex,” the 26-year-old reveals the very cause of her heartache is the one behind the camera of the “If I Hated You” video. The sinister nature of her tweet adds a mysterious layer to the already tortured song begging for the return of her lost love. Filmed from a tousled bed on a low-quality camera, viewers earn a glimpse of what FLETCHER feels in her most vulnerable, abandoned state. She sings, “my bedtime is the darkest, that’s when I’m brokenhearted, the nighttime is the hardest” right from her own sheets.

Produced by Malay, “If I Hated You” is hardly the normal breakup anthem. It’s upbeat, foot-tapping, and holds quite the catchy chorus. The instrumentals starkly contrast her yearning lyrics “you know I dream about getting back together in the future,” but it’s the perfect blend of pain, beauty, and whimsy. What’s clear, there is sure to be no shortage of bitterness from the remaining four tracks of The S(ex) Tapes; however, we’ll be dancing to every song regardless.