carly rae jepsen

Carly Rae Jepsen – Me And The Boys In The Band

Within our current global lockdown, the very fibers of Carly Rae Jepsen’s life seem to be things of the past: traveling in an airplane to various tour destinations, selling out entire stadiums that are packed with people, and even just sitting in a studio with your fellow musical collaborators. In order to get through it, Jepsen enlisted the help of her band, who she calls her “adoptive brothers” to all reminisce on a brighter time where living in a different city every night was the norm. 

Over a light, sparkling beat, maracas, and a steel drum, Jepsen’s voice is relaxed on what she describes as “a from home pick-up song from us to you.” Over the central chorus, she sings with a smile on her face: “We partied in the streets last night / Got a little deep last night / I danced in the street last night / With the boys in the band.” It feels as if Jepsen has invited us into her back patio for a glass of wine and is singing about a night long ago in her travels.

The video for the song was shot at home, with Jepsen and each of the members of her band making a few clips. Jepsen’s world is colorful and exciting; shots of her in brightly colored hues with sunny backgrounds are punctuated by humorous scenes of her in the bathtub and chasing her luggage down her driveway in a playful attempt at remaking her “normal” life in quarantine.

Jepsen’s sophomore album, the cult-classic EMOTION, will be celebrating its fifth anniversary. To commemorate the event, Jepsen has put together a line-up of festivities, including a karaoke party & the opportunity for fans to send her videos of themselves rocking out to their favorite EMOTION tracks. On August 27th, tune in to YouTube at 6 pm EST to join Jepsen herself in celebrating.