photo: MSFTSrep

Jaden Smith Launches New MSFTSrep Collection: Trippy Summer

Jaden Smith is known for routinely disrupting gender norms by wearing whatever he likes. His wardrobe consists of colorful and eclectic pieces such as coats, dresses, and skirts. With his MSFTSrep brand, Jaden wants to provide a safe space for fashion lovers and their quirky clothing choices. 

MSFTSrep, also short for MSFTS republic, is expressed as an assortment encompassing art collectives, music, societal education, and fashion. As for the spelling of the name, Jaden has clarified its pronounced “misfits,” however, the “I” was taken out as Jaden believes the brand consists of a team, and there is no “I” in team. 

In simplest terms, the brand has also been described as a creative workforce. It dedicates to supporting and waking up the population of our society, through attaining knowledge and personal growth. MSFTSrep started with centering itself on the feelings and emotions necessary to transform the conditioned mindsets of the masses into a more creative, fluid environment. An environment free to experiment and is not judged for expressing oneself or the way one feels at any given moment. This innovative venture is meant to inspire the next generation of thoughtful leaders aiming to do much more than just shop Jaden’s brand. 

He strives to educate, and hopefully change the way we all think about the world. He believes that the right minds will be attracted to this community and will also be the next generation to run the world while changing it for the better. As far as inspiration, the brand has said to take from chemistry class and geniuses such as Basquiat and Einstein. 

The collection consists of tees, hoodies, and hats with color palettes of black and white and is made up of the brand’s logo, geometric shapes, and designs, along with words representing the MSFTS’ purpose. Jaden has also previously mentioned how he aspired to make his clothing a mixture of Basquiat and Einstein’s personal notebooks. 

Overall, Jaden’s goal was to provide his audience with a clothing line that combines clothing and a mission never witnessed before. It is a place for the lost kids and everyone else who needs a safe space to go. Whether you are a girl with a more casual, tomboy vibe or a boy who wants to wear a skirt, MSFTSrep welcomes you. The brand is open to hearing their audience’s stories and the challenges they face often due to being different, which brings their manifesto full circle.